Top 5 Super Traditional Japanese Hotel

Seek Hotel in Japan?

Now, we strongly recommend following those hotels rather than staying at typical international and copy based designed hotel.

Because, you are sure to love to tay at Japanese beautiful "Country house where you can enjoy country life" one of best 5 selections.

Iya, Togenkyo, Tokushima, Japan


Modern old folk house in an unexplored area in the mountains


Address: Tokushima Prefecture Miyoshi City Higashi Iya Ochiai 142
Telephone: +81-0883-88-2540
Access By Car: 1 hour 30 minutes by car from Ikawa Ikeda IC
Yamasato of Ioyago Iya Japan, Tokijima prefecture Miyoshi shi Higashi Iya Ochiai 142


"Ochiai Village" in Tokushima Prefecture Iya, a rugged mountainous region, which is also said to be the forefront of Japan, is a mountain village where old-fashioned mountain living and natural environment still remains due to its ruggedness and inconvenience of transportation.
The cheapest private house stay of the citadel "Township Township Iya valley" "colocal colocal" Learn, live, travel
In "Yamato of Togenozu Iya", you can rent an old private house entirely.
It is the eight old private houses that can stay now. It is an attractive accommodation that makes you want to visit many times by making each one unique.


Exceptional view outside the window!
Ochiai village is located on a steep cliff ground facing the south overlooking Iya River, and its altitude difference is about 400 meters beyond the Tokyo Tower.
Each accommodation dotted in Okiuchi has not only the size of the building, but also features and layouts in each of the apartments and interiors, and the range of choice spreads at a stretch depending on the number of people staying and how you prefer.
In Ochiai 's the thatched houses, comfortably spend "living in Iya".
Fantastic landscape, old-fashioned old private house ... Starry sky full of stars at night. You can taste the illusion as if you really came to Taoyuan

Yamasato of Togenozu Iya is a toy-owned house stay of Iya "Ochiai Village" operated by NPO Traditional Trust.


Kira No Sato, Ito, Shizuoka, Japan


Mountains, fields, ponds, streams .... Original landscape of Japan spreading at the foot of Omuroyama
Shizuoka prefecture "Hachimanto Onsen Town Mori no Yuri no Sato"
Address: 1326-5 Yawatano Ito, Shizuoka prefecture
Telephone: 0557-55-3311
Access: Approximately 7 minutes by car from Izukogen station · 25 minutes by foot
Hachimanoya Onsenkyo Forest Yu Kiranosato Japan, 〒 963-5 Hachiman Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0232

Mountains, fields, ponds, streams .... The original landscape of Japan spreading at the foot of Omuroyama. There are four rooms with different tastes interspersed among them, and a time full of relaxation and warmth over 8 kinds of baths.

"Satoyama in Japan"
Satoyama has been reproduced on a vast site on a long-standing "Japanese Satoyama" theme, which is like a theme park.
Kiranosato has a site of 6600 tsubo, dotted with lodging towers, ceramics workshops and hot springs. Since you can enjoy a peaceful landscape unique to Satoyama, it is good to find a time and take a walk.

There are 60 rooms in total, divided into 4 buildings in the satoyama area and dotted.
"Beauty's hot water" is famous
In the public bath "Morinoyu" you can enjoy 8 bathtubs. There are also three "Private room rental baths", so you can go to hot springs with no water from your family. Both of the spring quality are highly alkaline. It has beautiful skin effect and is also called "beautiful waters".
Satoyama landscape as if you get lost in the world of old tales, abundant baths, cuisines that enjoy the local taste. Even parents, three generations of family can spend a special time.

Hot spring resort in Satoyama. Please enjoy the seasonal nature and the spatial spaces and time.


KAYABUKI,Shirakawa, Gifu, Japan



World Heritage Surrounded by the great nature of Shirakawago
Gifu Prefecture "Oka-no-Yado Inn Kaichiki"
Address: 319-2 Iijima Shirakawa village, Ohno-gun, Gifu prefecture
Phone: 05769-6-1054
Access: Tokai Hokuriku Expressway Shirakawago IC 5 minutes
Sekiyaku Inn Okayama Japan, 319-2 Ijima Shirakawa village Ohno-gun, Gifu prefecture 501-5629

The Ogimachi area of ​​Shirakawa-go Town is known for community-based settlements. A village that forms a unique landscape with Gokayama (Aokura district, Suganuma area) has been evaluated and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage (cultural heritage) as a prayer building of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama.
You can experience the good old days of Japan "Innovation in Prague building"


"Shirakawago-cho Kayabuki" is an inn with a warmth of 200 years of construction. Surrounded by the fields, you can relax and leisurely away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
You can experience the good old days of Japan "Innovation in Prague building"
There are 10 rooms in the hotel. There is also a TV, so I can relax like my room.
Pokapoca You can enjoy hot-spring Hinoki's bath, rustic, body friendly wild vegetables, and river fish dishes.
To the world of fantasy
Sharukawa Town is emerging in beautiful lighting as the night falls off, mainly in the February where the snow falls. Like a house in a country of the dream or a fairy with houses with a chapel with palms. It's like a village-like space

Yufuin Hot Spring Hoteiya, Oita, Japan

Address: 1414 Kawakami, Yufuin-machi Yufu City, Oita Prefecture
Telephone: 0977-84-2900
Access: 10 minutes by car from Yufuin IC, 20 minutes on foot
Hot store
Japan, 149 Kawakami Yufuin-machi Yufu City Oita Prefecture 879-5102



Goodness of Japan, goodness of a ryokan, it is a deaf shop that keeps it hard. Please feel at ease as if you returned to your hometown.

Please. flower in the conversation of the journey surrounding the hearth. Enjoy free shochu and old-fashioned hail.

There are 2 rooms in the main building, 11 rooms away from the hotel, and you can spend a relaxing and relaxing time with a warm warm-fired fire and a cooked smoke.
Yufuin Hotaiya is near the main spot of Yufuin such as Kim Scales Lake and Yu Pyeong Road and is in a good position to take a walk.

The outdoor bath with a room overlooking Mother Nature is a simple fountain friendly to Yufuin's unique skin. My body and mind will warm you up.

Yufuin in Oita Prefecture · Yufuin Hot Place. We are also preparing the unique Yufuin cuisine where you can enjoy a mix of tradition and modern, or wagashi at once. When you stay at Yufuin, please come to Yufuin Ryokan, Hotaraya.

It seems as if I had time slip to satoyama a long ago

Nagataki, Gifu, Japan

Address: 1649 Komaba Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture
Phone: 0573-65-3133
Access: Approximately 15 minutes from Central Expressway · Nakatsugawa IC
A mountain villa chairman longing for the night
Japan, 1649 Komaba Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture 508-0011


A total of 6 buildings on the site of 10,000 tsubo, boasting lodging behind the old private houses. In each of the six different buildings, there is a separation of "the roof of the roof" and I feel the culture of Japan deeply.

Old private house-like apartment


In the premises, there are six families with distinguished old-fashioned houses separated by distance.

It is probably why long-eyed guests are highly appreciated by people who like to travel, as well as the poet's remote houses as well as the dinner where Yukawa's souvenir can fully enjoy it.

Every apartment is old-fashioned house style and you step on foot on the grounds step, you can enjoy the feeling as if you had time slip to satoyama a long ago.

Long Haki is an inn that attracts a topic in a pure Japanese-style house.

During the cloud where Prince Crown Princess was lodged, you can immerse in different nostalgic conditions depending on the house you are staying at, such as between the azaleas of the roof of the roof and chestnuts.

I feel the feeling that the window is big and it is wrapped in nature.
Kiso river which penetrates Nakatsugawa City east-west. On both sides of the clear stream which flows like sewing mountains, scenery of satoyama wrapped in rich nature continues.

The Emperor is now staying in the Crown Prince. Spring has come close. Seri, Tsukushi, Bamboo shoots, Bracken, Spring will smell in Kaiseki cuisine in Fukinoto tow.

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