World best 8 market place

The classic destination of traveling is to feel the taste of various foods of the land walking the market. Especially there are many temporary markets such as night market and sundae market, but this time we introduce the best 8 markets in the world that are in various places in the world now that we do every day season. Please come visit us if any of these are applicable to your destination. Especially many things with a long history and those being renovated are also fun to be able to touch the cultural practices of the land.

1 MUJI Market Tokyo, JAPAN

You may MUJI will be defined as the cold wind of the clothing store,Japanese life style home shop, but few people will put MUJI and impressions
The market is full of vegetables market. So, at the end of July in Tokyo, Japan to see the door of this MUJI Miyoshi shop, probably will make you surprised and surprised.

Muji has built a bounteous grocery store inside its newly renovated flagship in Tokyo, Japan. The sprawling market spans approximately 108-square-feet and has a splendid selection of fruits and vegetables. Accompanying the lush produce are signs displaying information from where the local food originated from alongside various methods on how to eat them depending on the current season.

“The goal of the vegetable/fruit market we created is to offer an opportunity for the customers to think about the producers and the places where the food came from, and review their relationship with food,” said a MUJI spokesperson. “We will be offering vegetables with their inherent flavors, even if they do not meet the standards of shape and size.”

MUJI Tokyo Flagship Store
3 Chome-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda
Tokyo, Japan


Into the first floor of Yurakucho shop, Oncoming is the fresh smell of fruits and vegetables. Store sale of fruits and vegetables main organic ideas, do not add pesticides, chemical fertilizers, Those shapes or sizes do not meet the mainstream market ugly sprout fruits and vegetables, but here is a very natural presence. MUJI fruit and vegetable market, few types, because only seasonal seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, are origin of direct sales, packaging will be clearly marked on the origin and recommended food, very intimate.
In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, there will be in the side of these fruits and vegetables in accordance with the season to sell different seasonings, or the ingredients of the main ingredients of processed foods, forest a total of about 300 kinds of food groceries. Is not itchy to want to go shopping about this MUJI vegetables market..


2 Malmö Market Hall / Malmö Market Hall, Swedish Malmö

Here also prepared a few artistic sense of the vegetable market, First look at which the most appetite for your appetite. Travel with its fly to go everywhere to punch, It is better to go to the vegetable market feel the fire smell and aesthetics of the collision it.

The southern Swedish city of Malmö opened the vegetable market last year, formerly an abandoned industrial transit station in the old industrial area, a Swedish local firm Wingårdhs has been transformed into a very well-designed vegetable market.

The new building retains the historical sense of the original building red brick wall, the designer also with the same tone of weathering steel in the next imitation to build a new building, expand the space, the whole is simple and neat industrial atmosphere.


Designers think that food is the market leader in the market, so the design of the market within the black-based design, the ceiling, a variety of building structures, signs all brush into a black. Colorful food with black together is quite amazing!


3 Markthal Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is known as the "International Architecture City", from the unique style of the building, to the construction master Remcuas to build the DeRotterdam complex, the Mark d'market is also the construction of Rotterdam landmark.

And most of the open field market in Europe is not the same, Markrov vegetable market has a large vault, visiting the market when not afraid of sudden rain.

The food market is called the modern version of the Sistine Chapel, the appearance is a huge arch of up to 40 meters, the mural printed on the arch is the "Harvest Horn", the above flowers and insects show the Netherlands since the 17th century began to be famous In the world of still life painting features, murals area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, is very spectacular.

The two is the whole glass wall, vision transparent, the square of the tourists can see the vegetable market inside the colorful lively.

The Markan Market Maintains international fresh ingredients, with close to 100 fresh stalls, including fresh meat fish, exotic spices, cheeses, floral and alcoholic beverages, etc., which is as large as a professional soccer field.

There are nearly 20 different flavors of the food shop composed of food street, visiting the tired can find a shop to eat rest.


4 Santa Caterina Market, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Looking down from the air, the Santa Catherina market is like a gorgeous canvas, inspired by the fruits and vegetables of the colorful. The roof is wavy, light ups and downs, like open wings, made of hexagonal ceramic mosaic collage, using the traditional Catalan material.

Inside the market to grid-like wood with cast iron high ceramic roof to create a bright space, stalls between the aisle is very spacious and comfortable.

The St. Catherine's market is designed by the top architect EMBT, and (Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue) is known as the most artistic market in Spain.

Here you can not only buy all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, dry goods, but also enjoy a variety of food, cut ham, now do seafood, the system of wine, each stall is a restaurant.

Design restaurant "Cuines Santa Caterina" is also inside the market, its restaurant design and food are absolutely worthy of the art of St. Katrina market.


5 Piazza Galera Market Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona's Poglia market is also worth a visit, out of so many dazzling artists of Spain, even the vegetable market has a rich artistic atmosphere. The Poglia market is located on the side of Rambla and is one of the oldest and most authentic food markets in Barcelona and one of the world's best open markets.
There are many small restaurants and small bars, some tapas Spanish snacks, to the cup Sangria fruit wine, in the lively market in the pastime also do not have the mood.

Here is like Europeans knocked over their palette, placed neat fruit and vegetable products and seafood, a wide range of spices, are full of high saturation color, filled with the spice of the spice of the spree.


6 Manhattan Chelsea Market Chelsea Market,New York, USA

Artists who live in the Chelsea area of ​​Manhattan, New York, can mix up a chronicle of contemporary art. Located in the Chelsea gallery in Manhattan's Chelsea area, the same is true of many young artists and fashionable minds.

Here is the predecessor of the American biscuits company NaBisco production workshop, the building to maintain the original bright red windows, bare, no decorative roof, and antique chandeliers.

In addition to coffee, wine, cheese, seafood, vegetables and a variety of food you can not imagine the seafood and vegetable market, there are many restaurants and designer style shop and craft shops, as multicultural blend of New York, vitality Radiate

7 Borough Market, London, England

Boluo market in the Thames, Shakespeare near the amphitheater, its status with Big Ben, London Eye, the British Museum, are London's business card. The whole market to dark green-based colors, a kind of European retro style atmosphere, Harry Potter's film had been framed here.

This is London's oldest fruit and vegetable market, But also London food the most complete market, called "gourmet pilgrimage of Jerusalem".

In addition to the British local ingredients, you can also enjoy the Spanish ham, Italian cheese, German sausage, if you want to quickly browse the European food culture, ready your stomach here is not wrong.


8 Central Market Hall, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest no hotel, but there is a beautiful big market. At first glance like a Russian-style building, huge pointed arch window, hollow door and both sides of the fine column, very artistic sense.

The Budapest Central Cuisine Field is located near the "Freedom" bridgehead of the Danube Perth area. The famous architect SamuPetz took three years to build the big market with reference to the design style of the Paris Eiffel Tower.

There are two floors, the first floor is selling traditional fruits and vegetables and other traditional markets, there are many souvenir shops and local small vendors. It is simply a small window showing the daily life of Budapest ordinary people and even the Hungarian economy, a variety of folk handicraft shops, small bars, local snack bars, dazzling.

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