Japan has a traditional painting supplies store
Simply obsessive-compulsive aesthetics
Played to the wonderful unmanned circumstances

Any virgin queen with obsessive-compulsive disorder
Come here will feel soothing

The name of the store is called
They got the Japanese architect Kuma Kuma
To do the whole space design

Take advantage of large area of ​​bamboo grills and open space
Create a relationship with the outdoors
At the same time arouse into the store guests infinite reverie. So that thousands of bottles filled with pigments at the same time show the customer's eyes.


A total of 4,200 different pigments are displayed on the wall
Not just Virgo. I believe that everyone saw only one word after the heart. These naturally extracted, synthetic ones. The colors are put together
It is the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to 4,200 different pigments.
There are more than 600 different kinds. Different use of brush painting. In the shop on the wall neatly hanging. Looks still pleasing to the eye.
The material of various brushes. There are wool, weasel, horse hair, deer hair. Egrets, peacock, nylon and so on


Many Japanese artifacts that are difficult to obtain
You can find it in PIGMENT's physical store and online store.

PIGMENT's collection / sale of ink is also worth a visit.Only a good ink can be in the inkstone into the most perfect tone.


PIGMENT from the popular paragraph to the high quality of the ink is readily available
There are a variety of colored ink

Of course even the best ink
Also need the appropriate inkstone to ride
There is Japan from the popular and high-quality inkstone
Can be described as readily available


And used here as a collection of inkstone
Mainly in ancient China mainly

Duanxi Yan, Cheng mudstone, Shezhou Yan


Pen, ink, inkstone have said
Let's talk about here "paper"


The paper here is also a lot of tricks
From ordinary paintings to valuable treasures and paper are all available


PIGMENT is a famous Japanese temple warehouse
In Tokyo Shinagawa Prefecture opened a painting laboratory

Temple Tian warehouse, although it is called warehouse
But it is a traditional and modern beauty of the art space
It is the most important collection of things
Is even the art of cultural venues can not save the expensive goods

Not only can buy the most favorite painting material color
You can also enjoy those very valuable exhibits

But then come back
So powerful a traditional painting store

The most attractive to me or that side
The walls are colored


The shop is located
Shinjuku River 2-8-5, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TERRADA Harbor One Building 1F


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