Go Tokyo and feel Lights and Magics

Super fantasy space wrapped in interactive light art
"Team Lab Jungle" participating immersive music festival which immerses body with light art, touches light and plays music, "Learning! Amusement park of the future  that is mobilizing more than 5 million people worldwide It is a large-scale exhibition by.

Team Lab Inc. (Team Lab Inc.) is an independent system integrating company headquartered in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
It is known as a venture company from the University of Tokyo. We call ourselves a group of ultra technologists, who are involved in information society such as programmers (application programmers, user interface engineers, DB engineers, network engineers), robot engineers, mathematicians, architects, web designers, graphic designers, CG animators, editors It consists of various manufacturing specialists. I am good at making cutting-edge products mainly based on art.

It is the source of the company that Inoko Toshiyuki and Aoki Shunsuke who were classmates at the University of Tokyo began doing contract development projects for system development. After that, Seike Yoshimura of Tokyo Institute of Technology, which is a childhood friend of Inoko, and Tetsuya Tamura who was a friend of Yoshimura at Tokyo Institute of Technology, added as a venture company.
Became a company organization in December 2000, established team laboratory limited company. After that too many university students such as Daisuke Sakai participated and also worked on the development of original technology such as selectware along with WEB development which was main. In August 2002, organization changed to team laboratory Co., Ltd.

We gather specialists from various fields, and we are making products in the area that combines science, technology, design and art. "Many industries or companies declare that products and services created, and the existence themselves will become a society that can not survive unless it is" one feels like a person is artistic ", and a solution to various requests We are doing a wide range of jobs such as WEB site, device, real shop product, smartphone application, space design, TV-CM, stage directing. Among them, "team labor hanger" linked with digital signage is highly noticeable from the media, and has been frequently taken up with interviews with stores and developers actually introduced.
In 2012 not only domestic work but also the art work "The world is so easy and beautiful" received the "Architecture, Art and Culture Award" at Europe's largest virtual reality exhibition "Laval Virtual 2012" , at the most prestigious National Art Gallery in Taiwan, the first time in a foreign company a solo exhibition is held, and the results overseas are also conspicuous.
We are focusing on making things using digital signage and at the Digital Signage Award 2013, the touch panel type next generation reception system "FaceTouch" is a silver prize, a permanent exhibition at the Narita Airport Terminal 1 "The world is so easy, I was "beautiful" was chosen as the Bronze Award.

On July 6, 2013, the audience nationwide played the sound games at the same time while live broadcasting, which was the first in television history, conducted within Nihon TV's music program "THE MUSIC DAY music chikara", and live performance You can participate "Storm Feat. You" developed a system. After the end, the number of participants in the sound gauge was announced within the program that it was 1,328,000 people.
Representative Inoko ties various fields such as society and culture with its own theory, and its intense characters combined, exposure to various media and events, lecture meetings is also increasing.


"Team Lab Jungle" has "Kids Noon (Kids Noon)" that you enjoy with parent and child during daytime, and "Art Night" for adults at night time.
In "Learning! Amusement Park of the Future", new works such as "Graffiti Nature - Mountains and Valleys" which were popular at overseas exhibitions and "Fostering sliding! Fruit fields" appeared. You can enjoy it either daytime or nighttime.

STAFF infiltrated the day. Even though it was ten in the morning, it was already a long line popularity. Explore some of the playgrounds in front of the event hall. Children enjoyed drawing and enjoying various ways of playing, drawing on a slide, drawing.


Finally to the waiting event hall

I was crowded with my child whether it was about 300 people.
An explanation of about 5 minutes' precautionary notes and the event finally begins.

First, a white white light pillar descends in the center of the room. The children are having a big boob.
After that, 100 units do not go down Various lines of light from digitally controlled walls start to direct in space.

Further changing the color and turning direction, movement occurs with music.
When I think that the venue is dark, a balloon type sphere appears this time. Now push it like a wave from the customer's hand to the hand.

The sphere emits various colors according to the time, and when it is in the same color at one time, it shines in seven colors randomly.
Furthermore, with the direction of light from the wall just before, children are making a big fuss.

A stand like inspected from three Japanese festivals appears and a large mirror ball appears from the top. Change to a space like a club.
I will rush to the confetti to greet the finale.
The staff could not go to the night part, but the night part looks more interesting.
If you're in Tokyo, go Shibuya and feel this out!

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