MTR sation to the another world out there


Because MRT stations all over the world are located in major population density areas, usually, when going to the ground from the MRT station there are transportation junctions, busy crowds, commercial facilities, office districts, or densely populated areas ... .

However, recently hot topic pictures are creating a different world that has never seen such a circumstance like a lie at all.

Chongqing metropolitan city inland of China, Chongqing City is a direct shipping city of the People's Republic of China.
The population of Chongqing City is 28.84 million people Because of having many prefectures and rural areas in the city, population density is not as high as imagined. In addition, the three biggest cities in China generally refer to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and in the case of the four major cities, Shenzhen City is often added to this. Urban area population in 2017 is 7.99 million people, it is the urban area which is No. 8 in China and No. 44 in the world.


After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, it became the priority city of inland industrialization, and in the period of Sino-Soviet conflict, the factory was relocated from Shanghai Municipality and Northeast Department to Sichuan Province, etc. and a large amount of national investment was put in Chongqing until 1976. Chongqing has become a big base with a combination of industries such as machine industry, general chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, electric power equipment, food processing, building materials, glass industry, metallurgy, etc. At one time "learning industry in Chongqing" I even got a slogan.

Along with the recent rapid growth of China, it is clear that this city is also in the wave of rapid development. MTR is also a symbol of the wave of such economic development.

Construction speed of MTR in China is very fast and the schedule is very accurate compared to other construction work. China's economic growth has slowed down recently, houses, offices, commercial projects and the like are also interrupted or delayed, but there is a gap between public works and the rest here.
The symbolic photograph is Caojiao Station of MTR No. 6 which we introduce this time. This station, which opened on October 26, 2015, is ahead of surrounding development and is surrounded by undeveloped mountains. It is funny that people who come out of the station are looking for where they should go from now. But another way of thinking is very near-futuristic. It seems like a movie art set like a movie scene like the end of the world.

It is actually operated, and the interior is also very near future.

If you change your view further, it seems like ruins. Probably such a sight also probably spread the residential area at a stretch in a few years, it is the Chinese that has the power to turn into the spectacle in front of the very common MTR station, and conversely the "different world" that can only be seen now is the number It is clear that it is only a year product.

Such a strange station If you have opportunity to come to China, why do not you visit by all means?

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