Artistic Rainbow Village, Taiwan


"彩虹眷村" in Taichung City in Taiwan, recently rising in popularity as a shooting point. This place is also famous as the location of the scene at the beginning of the movie "Ai Yousanaka" starring "周渝民Zhou Zhuo (Vic Chou)". What is that amazing real situation?

A military dependents' village (Chinese: 眷村)

Taiwan's unique Village (generally a military village) area, after the Second World War, when the KMT led by Chiang Kai-shek entered Taiwan and began to rule, 600 thousand people Because it has been said that) migrated, we needed houses where those people live.


Bureaucrats, military personnel (Army, Navy) General public officials, teachers, region and five types, Taiwanese housing complex has been built throughout Taiwan. There living a foreigner and his family (people who have married Taiwanese women since they came to Taiwan and increased as families). In such an area, the Kuomintang made use of the original buildings to make it a collective house, but many are newly built in the suburbs of the city, and it is a place where buildings such as a small, quick-prepared flat store gathered. This house, the mentors and their spouses, direct descendants have the right to live, but the land belongs to the Defense Ministry (country).

Many have been demolished and rebuilt into a national government (low-priced condominium built with the assistance of the country) for 20 years because of aging and problems in hygiene as well as decreasing residents and security deterioration It was.


Military Dependents Village is usually built in a vast area, but it was also a closed society and had its own culture. It is also attracting attention as one of Taiwan's subculture, such as the use of original language examples still called Black Story.

In addition, the Chinese Kuomintang Party has established "Huangguang Party Department" and "Huang Recovery Party Department" as a branch jurisdiction of Military Dependents Village. In addition, the parent popular party also established the "Sweet person Party Department", and is trying to gain support in Military Dependents Village where there are many foreign ministries.

Various problems confronted by Military Dependents Village in various parts of Taiwan are to use the old city as it is and to inhibit urban planning. Also, due to the simple structure, the dead angle of security has occurred due to hygiene environment, immature public facilities, and further population reduction. For this reason, improvement projects were implemented by the government since the 1980 's, a new modern national housing market was built, and the improvement of the Xu residence environment has been realized. Some local governments, such as Tainan Municipal Water Supply Co., Ltd., have some districts preserving them.

As of 2004, there are 879 places in Taiwan, the 80 most places in Taoyuan County. There were about 900 residents who were managed by the Ministry of National Defense once, but it was supposed that there were hundreds of thousands of residents, but due to aging or other reasons, rebuilding to condominiums and the like will proceed, and in nine places that is 99% down in 2015 , It is decreasing to 929 houses.

In such a situation, Taipei City "Quadrang Village/ 四四南村" is famous.

The soldiers of the 44-year-old soldiers who had escaped from the continent and their families lived using the warehouse after the Japanese army withdrew. It is located in the back of Taipei 101 and is maintained as four historical buildings are maintained, and it is used for Kasumura Cultural Center and cafes and others.

Also famous for Taipei City "Treasure Mountain History Village".
Soldiers and families who escaped from the continent built on the basis of the barracks and facilities traces of the Japanese army who were in the vicinity of Takara Harima and lived there by building additional homes.

Once it was decided that the illegal building and slums became a problem, it was decided once to demolish it into a park, but opposition campaigns by residents and activists occurred and it was decided to be preserved as a historic district. An artist in residence that lends space that became an empty house due to the aging of the residents to artists has also been implemented and is trying to regenerate as an art village.
The famous village currently famous is momentum surpassing the above two, and it is Rainbow Village.

Ask for " Rainbow Villege/ 彩虹眷村
This  Village is located in the east side of Taichung City's Success Ridge, Changchun area of ​​Minamun-gu, and there are new buildings and universities around this Military Dependents Village.
Most people in this place, Taichung people do not know even if they ask. Even so, there are few documents even if I search for it.

However, the location was next door to Lingdong University of Technology where Nabi often visits on business everyday.

A popular place like that? For the time being, I tried going out on a motorcycle on a sunny day. Despite having my map drawn, I do not know the entrance .... The easiest entrance goes to "Chungbuk Road" to the Crow Plaza (south), and if you can see this big temple, you will enter the intersection to the right. There are large and small handwritten signboards around. If you get off at "Lingdong Science University" by bus, you will head south of Yeongdong Road, where there is a post office 90 degree curve and stairs on the west side. Go up there, get into the parking lot from the gap of the fence, and go straight through the park and you will arrive at the entrance.

If you translate this place directly, it will be a "rainbow village". Why is it called "rainbow"?

Having begun to draw a picture here is Mr. Huang Youngfu, "Huang Ji-young (黄永阜)". Yellow old man in the late 80s is from Hong Kong Kowloon. When I was young I applied to the KMT forces and came to Taiwan. After living in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, I settled in Military Dependents Village in Chun-An company district of Taichung. Kimura has a unique culture where the people living there live equally, in the spirit of mutual support. Older old soldiers who are single and old, houses are never admirable, young people dislike Kana Hana and went out to the outside world. Also in Military Dependents Village living in Huang Yuan, the number of people living also decreased, and now it is 3 families (of which only one family, only Huang and his other lives alone), becoming a redevelopment district of Taichung City and being torn down soon It was my fate. One day in 2008 when such a redevelopment plan was out, Huang Jian suddenly started painting on the gray concrete wall in front of the house with paint. Why did you draw? "Because it was boring." Yellow old man who answers. Since he did not learn to draw a picture, he seems to have continued to paint the idea as it is. People, water buffalo, airplane to small birds, and also the pandas that came to Taipei's zoo at that time. Besides the picture there are also words of congratulation and satire. Well, where is that yellow man? Is this handwritten signboard, also a shop? While thinking and entering a narrow alley, the houses are lined up cramped and built.

How to get to "Rainbow Village"
The Village is far from the station and it is the best way to go by taxi. I can communicate with the driver by "rainbow village". Or if you show letters in Google Map is just OK.

As it may be hard to get a taxi near the vicinity of Village on the way home, it may be good to ask the driver to ask "Please wish me to ride ~ after about ◯ minutes" by taxi to go.

There are various people who visit here, such as couples in Taiwan, families and groups of tourists, but it was impressive that everyone who passed each other smiled. If you step in a step, you can feel happy If you go to Taichung, the Village without any doubts please go and visit.
Rainbow Village

408 Taiwan Taichung City, Nantun District, Chang An Road 56 Street,120.5341594,77305m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x34693e87f82595db:0x9a8836cb8c007336!8m2!3d24.133942!4d120.609971?hl=en

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