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2007/09/02 15:53

There are quite a number of inns in Japan. Among them, I introduce six hidden popular inns that I would like to introduce overseas. Because it is popular, it is impossible unless you book a few months ago, but it is worth seeing just by visiting.

1 Mayoshi Ryokan, Ise, Mie, Japan

During the Edo period, there was a town prospering as a place for the outcry. In that place called Furuichi, there is still a place that still retains the original image of the time. That is Mr. Maekichi Ryokan. The scenery of the historic wooden building and the steep slope passing through by its side is precious space which exists only here.


There are 70 chicken houses with thousands of prostitutes, geiko's placing houses and tea houses (gakutei). On the stage of a playhouse called Furushichi Sansei, the Ise Ondo of the evening night geisha was performed and a feeling of openness in the shrine innumerable It is said that it was crowded with a traveler who tastes. One of the five biggest girls' houses "Oil shop" (right picture), the love affair is famous for Kabuki Kyogen "Ise Ondo Love sleeve blade", and "Koichi" is familiar to Kabuki fans.However, the current Furuichi is resting as a normal residential area as if nothing had happened. Only one in such a city. As a castle that leaves the appearance of the past intact, the inn is still open still.The name of the time was "Hanatsukiro Makichi (Asaki)". The current accommodation name is "Maikichi Ryokan." It was said that the foundation was Kaei 4 (1851), the founding of 150 years or more, but in recent years there was a name of "Maekichi" in the old city map of 1782, the name of Tokaido middle knee, Since it appeared as a companion to accompany, "it came to be said that there is a history of more than 200 years.

Maikichori is a tea house with many geishas in the Edo period, a six-story wooden castle tower built on the slope. The entrance is on the 4th and 5th floors of the inn that creeps up the slope in a staircase pattern. When I open the door with the door it is a dimly living room where the slightly damp air unique to the old house dominates. From there, a steep stairway extends to the top floor hall. Probably, I think that this inn is also impossible to rebuild under the current fire law. As these historical wooden houses decay once, there are many fate destinations that will never be revived again, so it is a good idea that there are many people who want to see once.

In a quiet evening, spending time reading history novels may be perfect. At dawn you will be awaking by the birds crying in the surrounding forest and the sound of the first train. At 6 am, the clock in the hall will hit the bell. It may not be suitable for those seeking comfort. However, it is a hotel where you can have valuable experiences in knowing Japanese inn and culture. Why do not you time slip in Ise? Ise shrine (Nakomiya) and "Okage yokocho" which reproduced the atmosphere of the Edo period are also within walking distance. Ise · Kawasaki where the warehouse area was maintained was also on way to Ujiyamada station.


Mayoshi Ryokan

Nakanomachi 109, Ise, Mie, Japan

Close to Isuzugawa Station

TEL + 81 596 (22) 4101


  • Negotiation for reservation and charge by telephone.

There is also a renovated room (with bath).

※ Toilet in each room. The washroom is joint.




2 Hoshidekan, Ise, Mie, Japan

In Ise, Kawasaki to convey the image of Taisho and Showa era.

Founded in the first Showa era, the building is a building of Taisho, and it has a very retro atmosphere. The atmosphere is popular and many foreign tourists are used. Moreover, because it is located in Kawasaki which flourished as "Kitchen of Ise", it is also an inn that you can take a walk around the historic townscape of Kawasaki.

For accommodation, it is possible to choose a night stay or a half night (breakfast only). We can respond to consultation with those who have macrobiotic, vegetarian cuisine, and dietary restrictions at the perfect reservation system for meals. As main facilities, there are parking lots (maximum of 7 cars possible, free), all rooms have wireless LAN etc .. The bath, the bathroom, the washroom will be used in common, but all the men's and women's toilets are equipped with western style washlet.


Telephone + 81596-28-2377

Address Kawasaki 2-15-2, Ise, Mie, Japan

Capacity 25 people / 10 rooms

[email protected]

Homepage http://www.hoshidekan.jp




3 Houshi Onsen Chojyukan, Tonegun, Gunma Japan

Famous for its natural beauty, Gunma Prefecture is best known for its hot springs, lakes, highlands, and mountains. There are a number of Gunma Prefecture is a wonderful destination for those travelers seeking to escape the city and get back to nature. (See a national and prefecture parks, and within these parks there is an endless number of spectacular hot springs.

A 100% pure source sprinkling hot spring springing up from among the cobblestone cobblestones. A building of the Kanekonkan style. It is a hot spring discovered by Kobo Daishi from various countries Tsushin, it is called Houkyu Onsen. There is a public bath that is spontaneously discharging from just under the bathtub and a nectar bath / ladies bath with inside bath.




Nagai 650, Minakami, Tonegun, Gunma 379-1401, Japan

TEL + 81-278-66-0005 (substitution) FAX + 81-278-66-0003


4 Sekizenkan Shimaonse, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Japan

It is a scarce spa inn that it is said to be the stage of "Spirited Away of Chihiro" and leaves the atmosphere of architecture still strong.

Initially opened in the Edo Period, Shokenzen was a typical Yuji lodge.

Although it has expanded for gradually increasing Yuya guests, this main building entrance is impressive with the heavy and heavy thick beams and glossy pillars used from the very beginning.

According to the ancient document of Kansei 12 (1800) communicated to our family, both the size of the mansion and the size of the building are consistent with the current one. At that time, there were "O Jordan", "Shitanoma", "Shitadai" etc which could be established only in the house of the master, the large pillar of the soil is finished with a canna, the main pillar is a combination finish of the choice and the canna I will.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can see the buildings and materials that Seki's ancestors have left behind, the heart and history that carefully cherished.

Shima Onsen (Shinsaenzen) is a hot spring located in Nakanojo-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gumma Prefecture. I received designation No. 1 as a nursing-care hot spring spot. Here is the theory that it is effective for 40,000 diseases as the origin of the name.


Shimakou 4236, Shima, Japan, Nakanojō-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma-ken, Japan, 377-0601

TEL + 81-0279-64-2101

Close to 25 min by Taxi From Nakanojyo station




5 Notoya Ryokan, Ginzanonsan, Hanazawa, yamagata, Japan

Ginzan Onsen is a hot spring resort in the mountains where the eastern part of Ozarazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, Miyagi prefecture boundary is not far.

The name of hot spring comes from "Mt. Nobusawa Silver Mine" which was discovered in Middle Muromachi period (1456). Ginzan flourished as an official mountain in the early Edo period as a shogunate mountain, and after the Genroku 2nd year (1689) it became an abandoned mountain, but Ginzan Hot Springs, which was discovered by miners, flourished as a spa place.


On both banks of the Ginzan River, Western-style wooden multi-story inn built from the late Taisho period to the early Showa era connects eaves and tastes nostalgic scenery. The Notodaya Ryokan is a traditional inn built in 1898 and the building on the 4th floor wooden is designated as a registered cultural asset of the country. The Notodaya Ryokan is a well-established inn, founded in 1893, and the building on the fourth floor of the wooden building with the temple building of the Taisho 10 years is designated as a registered cultural asset of the country. On the right side of the building is an iron owl (Koehe) of a cleric craftsman, Goto Kurano, made in 1972. In the middle of the phoenix and paulownia decorations, the name of the founder · Kiito Saeyemon is written.


Notoya's bath

There are cave baths and outdoor baths which are reserved in the public baths for men and women. Notoya is a member of a member of the organization to protect Japan secret. The attraction of Ginzan Onsen is located in a spa town full of emotion that always ranks high in the "hot spring city ranking".

Yanagi prefecture Ozawazawa-shi, the capital Ginzan Shinshin 446

TEL.+81-237-28-2327 FAX.+81-237-28-2177





6 KANAGUYA ,Shimotakai, Nagano, Japan

KANAGUYA, is an historical 250+ yr old ryokan sits on a narrow street dating back to the Edo period, in Shibu Onsen, Nagano. Deemed a National Cultural Asset in 2003, you will be welcomed in the tradition and warmth of ancient Japan and our home.

Kanaguya's hot spring water comes from 4 different sources of hot springs in the mountains surrounding the inn. Outside along the street are 9 more communal hot spring baths to explore. Just don your yukata (summer kimono) and geta (Japanese sandals), take the key from your room and the little towel (tenegui) you are provided from Kanaguya for the Baths, and you'll be ready to explore the historical surroundings and take in the wonderfully charming atmosphere of Shibu Onsen!



Prices start at 20,520 yyen / per person / per night (includes a full Japanese breakfast and dinner)


Check In: ​​3: 00 p.m.

Check Out: 10: 00 a.m.



Hirao 2202 yamanouchi - town shimotakai - gun Nagano pref. Japan

Nearest station: Yudanaka

Nearest IC of Highway: Shinsyu Nakano


*** NOTE: ** We do not take reservations over the phone or fax.

** Reservations are for 2 or more.

** We do NOT take reservations for individual travelers.

** We ONLY take Reservations through our agent - Connie Lockwood





Good old Japanese culture, everyone

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