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Hoshino Resort opened "Noshinoya Bali" which will be the first overseas resort of the "Starry No" brand in Bali, Indonesia. I visited the resort in mid-January, when I opened up my business as soon as possible.

Hotel is unique even the location compare to the typical high end brand resort hotels which usually allocated near seaside. Hoshinoya choose this project to be set way far from those to be vail from others to be hart of the jungle to introduce their own hospitality different way.

The Ubud area in central Bali. It is a quiet corner away from the center even if it is called the Ubud area. In addition to offering a free shuttle service between the center of Ubud (in front of Puri Lukisan Museum of Art) and Hoshinoya, we also offer a shuttle service between Denpasar's Tong La Rai International Airport and Hoshiya Bali.

The journey to the stars or Bali in the eastern part of Ubud may be a bit confused for the atmosphere if there is no prior knowledge. There is a narrow road that can be expressed as a mountain road, and it goes through the area full of regional feeling that we are releasing dogs and chickens. And there are stars and Bali ahead.

The entrance in the small square

This is a very fine resort, full of Japanese-style subtle elegance of the Western. There is no visual signs. The door and the surrounding houses is no different, Reception is just a little big daze, the way to the room was surprisingly cool. ... ...

Fields and valleys through the three canals to meet

Resort entrance hidden in the field, back to the deep valley. Three canals walk through the 30 villas, both as the natural barrier between the villas, and (through the various inner swimming pool) to act as a link between the relationship between the neighbors. Canal cleverly along the villa string into a door, so that along the line to share the canal pool, children's play pool and waterfront floating platform, the end of the corridor is also full of sleeping couch, become swimming after the break, and neighbors. This interesting deal for the "whole house layout is kind of the challenge for the designers. Actually this hotel are located in a rural area using Bali irrigation system "Balac" which is also registered in World Heritage Sites and a place sandwiched between the Pucsan river which has brought blessings to this land. And, in various ways, we devised such that Balinese, the culture and tradition of Ubud region can be felt, so that we can spend with image like a new village newly born here. In Bali there is also a community called "Banjar". The local community can be seen everywhere in the world, but according to local representatives, Banjar said that people and family connect to be closer. And in the Hoshinoya, guests are truly welcomed guests to become members of Banjar.


The guest house is the most fascinating part of the hotel, the three villas (flowers, birds, months for the creative inspiration) no obvious grading and only the theme and the pattern of different, let people willing to live into the woods. All villas are located along the canal, just like the tropical wonderland version of Venice


I am staying at the "Bulan" (moon theme) villa, is perfect place for music and water. BULAN villa theme is the full moon, the use of Japanese-style platform is extremely magic.

Entrance, bedroom, bathroom and other major space are located in the upper, and with a lot of ink to create the use of the moon for the use of the garden, will also be Japanese-style, Taiwan and Bali-style integration, pavilion hanging to the surface of the water. Japanese bed head back is made of the Bali wood carving screen, and then take the cover with the Japanese-style lights and the combination of style of Balis. Along the outdoor stairs down, is a semi-open living room with shower, the scent of the water with "moon" reflections, the swimming pool and the canal interaction. A strong private yacht marina kind of metaphor "home is quiet and tiny and cozy harbor". Each stone carvings are telling a story fragment, in the canal to swim a circle to read the complete story. Villa placed on the landing of a variety of elegant people to dry out, but the most wonderful or water "on the stage", lying in the evening lying on the moon, so that the moon full of the process of the western burst.


SOKA villa to flowers for the creative inspiration, the tip of the whole wooden bedroom is full of "bud" Flower SOKA This villa is inspired by flowers and is very suitable for romantic lovers, the bottom of the guest house to enjoy the lush plants and exquisite garden nourishment, the pool and the pavilion is also more carefully blocked. The guesthouse finds a balance between the traditional dwelling and Loft, and the top of the tower is the full wooden space just underneath the bed and rest. Inspired part of the whole wooden bedroom, and it could be suitable for honeymoon guest.



This large flat villa is located at the end of the canal, occupying the edge of the mountain edge of the lore point, bird's eye view of the resort's meandering water, snake trails and deep valley across the deep. Hoshinoya Principal designer created the villa as mysterious furnishings traditional Japanese-style building in the edge of the side of the transfiguration platform, the Japanese-style doors to watch the Ubud jungle scenery.



On the edge of the cliff, you may rest of the "bird cage" in the moment of moody sunset, and all surrounding landscape is different feeling from the Hoshinoya bird cage facing the mountains and the deep valley and deep valley. The early morning filled the fairy of the valley and the sudden rain in the afternoon people are glad to become a cage in the birds.



The first out of the Japanese border of the Hoshinoya how to interpret the food? From breakfast, regardless of Japanese, American or Indonesian, refined, healthy is the main theme of Hoshinoya.

All the ingredients are collected in the rest of the world in the Western and the Western debut, magnificent tableware, carefully wobble plate and fresh ingredients to start.


At dinner, and Indonesian and Japanese food representatives dueled on another round of meal. Three different beef with different cooking methods and sauces, so that meal has a fun incense

The Tasting Menu, which is thought to be blended and contrasted, is larger than nature, but it is wonderful to use the local ingredients and the Japanese style of Japanese style. You will even agree that there is a natural fit between Japanese and Balinese flavors.


Hoshinoya Spa hidden in the depths of the valley, to ensure that the private water leaks at the same time, but also to the courtesy of passengers who take the climbing elevator jungle trip. It is undoubtedly the most worthy of the resort's secret environment.


Hoshinoya Bari

Location: Br. Pengembungan, Desa Pejeng Kangin, Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Gianyar 80552 Bali, Indonesia

Rooms: 30 rooms (Villa type)

Land area: approximately 3 hectares

Check in / Check out: 15 o'clock / 12 o'clock

Architect      Azuma Architects

Landscape   Studio On Site 




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