8 Romantic Pinky Lake you should visit in the World


Did you know that there are lots of pink lakes all over the world? Here are 8 special romatic lake where you should visit

1 Great view of Senegal! Pink lake "Lac Rose" Lake Retbah

Do you truly see a superb view like this one? A sweet one likes to drink, a boat floating on a strawberry shake color water. It seems like something scene of science fiction movie.

This is Lake Retba in Dakar, Republic of Senegal. Because of pink waters, it is also called Lac Rose in French (Lac Rose / literal translation: Pink lake). The area is about 3 square kilometers.

The place is Africa's Midwest Senegal. It is almost located at the westernmost point.

First we go to Dakar by airplane After that there is a bus, but the bus is from near the market center of Dakar, but it is not a direct line so we need to change trains. First go to Cool Massar (KEUR MASSAR), from which there is a direct bus to Luck Rose. I think that we can go with afford if we are watching about 2 hours each way. If we share it by taxi and rent it, it will cost 9000 CFA (about 1980 yen)


By the way, the reason for becoming pink is that according to Prof. Michael Danson, an extreme microbial expert at Bath University, this unexpected color is high salinity concentration as high as 40% It seems that it will be born by a halophilic microorganism called "Dunaliella salina". It seems to be due to plankton and minerals

The salt concentration of the lake is about 30%, 1.5 times that of Dead Sea

The sea is 30 g versus 1 liter, and the salt that can be taken here is 380 g!


Because of this terrible concentration, of course, the body floats like a Dead Sea.

Unfortunately the salt here, also known as salt production center, is white. It is said that it is not expected pink. The collection amount is 100 tons per year

People who ride a boat and collect valuable lake salt must apply shea butter to the whole body before entering the lake. It is to protect the skin from intense salt water in a lake with depth of 3 meters. Nevertheless salt crystals come in the body when collecting lake salt everyday.

The salt collected in this way is piled on the lake shore, and this time I will make another landscape like a white whipped cream that matches Shake.

What is the taste of salt made from strawberry shake color lake? I would definitely like to try it. (It probably is not a strawberry taste.)

However, it is necessary to be careful if going for this pink color. It's time and time. Depending on the season there seems to be a season that is not pink at all, so it is important to note the time of traveling It seems that plankton breeding season is concerned and the dry season seems to be the most pink in the dry season

Specifically, it seems that pink color will increase around ventilation from November to May or late February. It is safe to inquire in a different way depending on time.

2 Bumbunga Lake, Australia

Approximately 140 km north of Adelaide. It is approximately one and a half hours by car. It also looks like a thin pink to purple due to the time and weather. It is a town where almost no one lives, unless there is a tourist, even a person is not seen.

Name: Lake Bambanga

Address: Lake Bumbunga, Lochiel SA

Access: Approximately 140 km north of Adelaide. About a half hour by car.

Area information: Run about 40 minutes from the lake here, there is a town called Clare (Clare), Clare Valley wineries, and it is a popular place for tourists and others.

3 Tailem Bend Pink Lake, Australia

The most famous pink lake in South Australia. There is no neat map but it is difficult to find it is difficult. In the summer it is completely dry and it does not look like pink at all.

It is approximately 96 kilometers east of Adelaide to Tailem Bend. It takes about 1 hour by car. Drive towards Murray Bridge and head to Tailem Bend. From there I am on my way to the town called Meningie.

Basic information

Name: Terem Bend Pink Lake

Access: Located between the town of Tailem Bend and Meningie. It can be reached by car.

Area information: Tailem Bend has a railway to Adelaide → Melbourne. There are locomotive museums and ghost tours, etc. It is popular in a little sightseeing town.


4 Pink Lake, Coorong (Pink Lake, Coulomb)

There is no official name, but it is Pink lake in Coulomb. You will see a pink lake on your right, in the middle of going to Mount Gambier than Meningie (Mengie). It is near the entrance of Coorong National Park.

Basic information

Name: Coulomb Pink Lake

Access: Middle between Meningue and Mount Gambier. It can be reached by car.

Area information: There is Coorong National Park and it is popular with local people and tourists.


5 Rottnest island, pink lake

The island also includes columbies of Australian sea lions and southern fur seals. A number of native and introduced bird species nest near the shallow salt lakes In the island's interior, and Rottnest has consequently been designated an Important Bird Area

Pink Lake of Rottnest Island is located in the east of the island and it can be reached by bicycle in about 5 minutes from the center of the island. There is a bus tour, and it can be seen in about 15 minutes on foot.


6 Dusty Rose Lake, Canada

For a lake with apparently no salinity or no algae, it is kind of a mystery how the water is pink. One thing though, being the beautiful site that it is, the air of mystery around why it is pink is not exactly keeping tourists From thronging to the site every now and again.

7 Salina de Torrevieja, Spain

However the lake salt content is not exactly high, the lake is inexplicably (at least to many) pink. Tourists come here to bask in the sights and the water.

8 Masazir Lake, Azerbaijan

This lake is undoubtedly pink as a result of its salinity. The water has been harnessed for so long by the locals to yield millions of tons of salt.



How was it? There are plenty of such pink colors in the world If you have a chance to go nearby, please have a look.

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