Love skill technique” understood by family condition

Each "personality love skill technique" understood by the composition of the other brothers Do you know the composition of brothers of people you like? There seems to be a case that there are features in personality or differences in romance tendency depending on the composition of brothers. I will introduce the romantic technique that fits each person's character which can be seen in the composition of the partner's brother. Do you know the composition of brothers of people you like?

There is a thing that worries about the composition of the brothers of whom you like, do not you? It is common to worry about the composition of the brothers of whom you like.

Eldest son, eldest son / daughter, youngest child, only child

It seems that sometimes there are characteristics depending on the composition of the brothers and characteristics are different up to the romance tendency.

I will introduce the characteristics by the rough brotherhood composition and the romance tendency.

◆ Characteristics of her/his personality

I have been looking after nature and my brother and sister since I was young.

Therefore it seems that we often go to listen to others rather than to communicate their own opinions.

It tends to be steady and serious personality. It is often said that the eldest son is easy to be firm. Because the firstborn often carries the family's expectations, it is likely to become a serious personality that makes a solid and solid way of life good. There are many types that are not good at putting out their desires straight and tend to become a listener rather than talking on their own. Men have a high pride that "I have to get firm" and there are many people who do not know how to embrace women as well.

▼ love skill with first birthday

My eldest child who works seriously and loves to be praised. It might be a good idea to actively praise.

It is also a characteristic that there are a lot of poor people, so let 's encourage you softly if it seems to be depressed. It seems that being praised more than anything makes me feel happy because there are many "hard workers". Also, it is also recommended to listen to complaints when work is not going well and you are suffering. If you say "I want you to be alone for now", you may wish to gently encourage by e-mail. It is weak to people who will treat you only, who will treat you only. Let's treat it to something special, let's appeal affection.

◆ Characteristics of eldest son /daughter personality

A eldest son / daughter in an ambiguous position among brothers.

Many people have self-assertiveness clearly.

To that extent, cooperation is high, I am good at reading the air and feeling the distance to the other party. It is an ambiguous position that eldest son / daughters are also older sisters, older brothers, sisters and younger brothers. I will learn how to make self-assertion and communication to make my own whereabouts and position. It is good at reading the air and distance feeling with people, and in the group, a personality rich in cooperation will be cultivated. I have both a gentle place to compromise others and a cool place to throw away.

▼ Relationship Technique with eldest son /daughter

I am afraid that the poor performance of the eldest son / daughter who was good at observing the surroundings will be missed.

It is good to touch Frank and carelessly if you are in trouble. Because the ability to read people and observe people is excellent, upside words are not NG! What is important as a point in eldest son / daughter’s love affair is to entertain. It would be better to show goodwill to Frank better with nature.

If you feel troubled, let us casually follow you.

A eldest son / daughter looking closely at the surroundings. You surely notice what you are doing without saying anything. It is an opportunity to raise likability.

Characteristics of young child's personality There seems to be a place where the youngest child who has been loved by parents and brothers is amenable.

Since I am acting by seeing the behavior of people from a young age, there is also one aspect of doing things well in the way. The youngest child of the brothers who is the bottom is different from the above brothers and there are some places that is amazing. The youngest child is less pressed from parents and so, so the behavior tends to be free accordingly. Moreover, because he is being loved from the surroundings, he has a high self-affirmation. Since my birth, my older sister and older brother already have a lot of success and failure as a model, so I will be able to do things well.

It is a feature of one of the youngest child that he / she decides his / her behavior while observing the surroundings

▼ romance technique with youngest child

The youngest child who is amenable is a perfect match for those who like to be tolerated.

Because there are also places you do not like to lose, it is also important to lose here. The youngest child who grew up with feelings not wanting to lose to the eldest son or the eldest daughter hates losing.

I do not want to lose even if I fight! It has a desire.

By looking at such a form, you can say that you can set up your opponent and lose it

Anyway it is a good sweet! So, for those who like to be spoiled perfect

If your favorite person is the youngest child, consider this point and you should have a mild tolerance.

◆ Characteristics of one child's personality An only child who had never contacted his brother at a young age Since I was enjoying time alone from a young age, I do not like troublesome human relations. As a characteristic of an only child, there is a tendency to thoroughly complete all things. I do not like consulting and talking to the other party thinking about the feelings of the other person by myself. I often play alone with nature or use time, and it seems that it becomes a habit. There are many persons who are straightforward and innocent personality, but since we have not been fighting brothers, we are not good at having troublesome human relationships.

▼ romance technique with one child Let's take one special "pace".

Even if you have a favor with your opponent, if you push it and disturb your opponent's pace, you may be disliked.

It seems effective to understand what you like and talk about it. I dislike every contest and open my mind to those who accept my own pace. Let 's do romance with the preparedness to catch up so as not to hurry or disgust with my pace. Because I love freedom and do not like bondage, the bargaining "pushing and pulling" is more effective than pressing one. It is also important to understand the unique view of the world and observe what is "acupoint". There are places to do what you decide to cherish, so be careful where you should be careful and try hard to be happy romance. ◆ It may be understood from the composition of brothers who the other is requesting

Let's take a closer look if you know what kind of brother your favorite parties are and if there is a part where features match even a bit. If you can become the person you are looking for, you may find it easier to contact someone you like.


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