How to make a friendly “best boyfriends / girl friends”

How to make a friendly "best friend" !! Make a "best friend" in 3 steps!
By the time I was a child there were lots of "best friends", but now I do not have any friends who can be called "best friends". It is how to make "best friend" for such people. You can not "best friends" by just waiting still. Please carry out these three steps and get "best friend". Summary of how to make "best friends" for people who want "best friends".
Boyfriend, daily life is fun if you have a "best friend" without her

Romantic feelings will cool down over time, but friendship will only deepen over time
Daily lives of high school boys
A gag comic drawing the laughter of men's high school students who go to "○ × prefectural boys' school. It depicts a kind of laughter which is said to be "silly but comical" or "stupid throat", and it is a style that allows readers to look back and sympathize memories of their high school days nostalgically.

▼ It is impossible to create a close friend at the moment. No, it is okay from now on!


Let's make friends and enjoy everyday life!
It is utterly miserable loneliness that he has no real friends. Without friends the world is just a wilderness. Francis Bacon
Nothing is late to start anything
However, let's do it now if you do

■ 3 steps to make a wonderful best friend!

▼ STEP 1 Increase your friends

First of all, let's increase friends!
Please do not become passive, ask your encounter, look for common points, act from yourself, make your own opportunity!
Source Friends are a lifetime treasure! How adults make new friends
This step will be very important, as you approach other people from yourself.

· to call out

It is important to act actively from yourself!
Hair types, clothes, hobbies, even trivial things can be a clue to conversation. Because there are not many people who feel disgusted because they are praised, it is also important to dare to take it out.

The important thing is to feel free to talk to me without thinking "If you are rejected by the opponent ..." etc.

· Increase opportunities to talk and reduce distance

Psychology has "simple contact effect"
The simple contact effect (Tanjyunshokokoka) is the effect that if you repeatedly contact the same person, that person's goodwill and impression will increase.
Let's try to exchange contacts as the topic spreads and you can talk naturally.

It is supposed to be a new friend by shrinking the distance little by little by e-mail or telephone when contact can be exchanged.

▼ STEP 2 Search for friends who are likely to become best friends from among friends

Not being able to become a "best friend" with anyone
Since it can not change, it will not fit, so let 's find a person called "this one" from among your friends.
· Try to talk about failures and troubles

There is a thing called "affinity effect by similarity"
"Affinity effect due to similarity" is the effect that human beings are strongly familiar with people who have similarities with themselves.
Please observe the reaction of people around you. People who make fun, people who sympathize, people who will seriously hear stories. Among them, those who sympathize with you the most is a person who can become a "real friend".

· I will reveal a light secret

There is also "law of self disclosure"
"Law of self-disclosure" is the law that when you talk about deep information to you, each other's favorable impression increases.
Let's tell you what you have kept secret. Obviously, I will not say that I will suddenly speak a heavy secret at first.

If the other party talks to me and talks to me, that is evidence that my deep relationship.
However, it is also a proof of the trust of the other party, so let's never leak a secret.

▼ STEP 3 Deepen the bond

· Share fun times

Let's nurture friendship slowly.

By sharing memories and experiences, you can nurture a strong and friendly friendship that you can go on for a lifetime.

■ Finally, on the difference between friends and best boy/girl friends

What are the differences?
Even if you know a lot of acquaintances, there are things that you do not understand clearly whether you are a best friend or not.

A friend

Wide and shallow friendships are also easy and fun
I do not consult with my friends about serious troubles, talk to each other without concern that the topics will not break

Best friend
It is a relationship with friends who can hit with real intention, but still friendship relationship does not collapse.

Have you ever cried in public recently?
If you have friends who can show your own weaknesses and shame, it may be that they are best friends.

▽ In any case, let's cherish your friends (best friends)!
Friends who can play happily are the property of life!
It is difficult to define the word "best friend", but humans are not something everyone can live by alone, but because there are friends who understand themselves, it is wrong to make life more enriching There is none.

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