My heart is shrunk! Is it? Landscape overlooking Crevasse


Various dangers are attached to the mountains in winter. Snowstorm and avalanche, crevasses etc. Crevasse images of such a terribly dangerous snowy mountain, and accidents at Crevass etc are summarized.

About Crevasse

Crevasse is a deep crack formed in glaciers, snow rugs and others. It is also written as Kurevasu
The wall is vertical and a gap of about 1 - 2 m is formed. In the lower part of the wall the snow is compressed and becomes consolidated ice
Cleavas (snow break) of about 100 meters in length, about 15 meters in depth, about 5 meters in width appeared on Hakuba Daisetsuki of Hokkaido (2932 m) of the Northern Alps, surprising the mountaineers
It seems to be deeply deep as I hear that it is 15 meters deep, but it seems that there are plenty more than 100 meters if it is more than 25 meters deep in crevasses in less cold areas.

Hidden Crevasse

Hidden crevasses are crevasses that are covered with snow and disappear. The snow that was blown off by snow cover and strong winds will cover the crevasses
The crevasse itself seems to be still better as climbers can get around if it gets used to it. It seems dangerous that crevasses that are covered with snow like hidden crevasse are more dangerous anyway.
Crevasse opened unexpectedly is not scary. It is safe in the sense that hidden is difficult to make. It is dangerous after all the heavy snow, but wide crevasses are hard to become hidden.

Personally, if it is a crevass with a depth of several meters and a building with a height of several tens of meters above the ground, Crevass feels physiologically frightening even if it is shallow.

Just one ahead is darkness


Daisetsuki of Hakuba-dake.
Crevasse where deep darkness spreads everywhere.
It is a mysterious world.

Even if there is a lifeline it is scary.
Anyway the bottom can not be seen, the dark plus plus the imposing walls invite more fear.

There are times when you walk through Crevasse like this.

Although it looks like a beautiful sight at first sight, scary things are scary.

I am scared just to stand by the crevasses. Whether the mountaineers are accustomed or if they have a lifestyle it seems unreasonable, is not it!

Scaffolding not having two pairs of shoe width.

It is impossible for me to straddle one step.
Let's cross over with a ladder ...

I can not even look into the inside.

~ ~ Accident related to crevass · snowy mountain ~ ~

▼ Mr. John Ole climbing mountaineer that miraculously recovered by falling to the point of about 20 meters Crevasse while climbing in Nepal

A climber of the United States recently falls to Crevass at a certain peak of the Himalayas. Climb the wall of the ice with your own power while fracturing all over the body 6 hours

Unfortunately Mr. Allle has fallen to 21 m deep crevasse. Oru who broke a few ribs and arms and dislocated his shoulder, but he spent six hours on his own with ice pickle and went out of Crevass himself
Professor John Ohl of Western University of Kentucky on his own, went out of Crevasse and returned to his tent where it was rescued by a helicopter
▼ Nephi Tselin of the Nepalese guide in 2012, accident in the aim of the Everest climbing second camp

The Nepalese guide died in Crevasse (a crack of a glacier) and died. The depth is about 46 meters, equivalent to a 15-story building
An accident attacked Mr. Nam Gya while aiming for the second camp. The second is at the point where I climbed the world's highest peak of 8850 meters above the altitude of two thirds
We pray for the souls
News - Environment - Death at Sherepa of Everest, Crevasse - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nasojio)
News - Environment - Death at Sherepa of Everest, Crevasse - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nasojio)
▼ 70-year-old German man, rescued one week after Crevasse fall

It is a sight when I was rescued

A 70-year-old German man who fell into glacier crevasse (crack) during climbing on 14th in Austria rescued in a week after falling
A man started climbing about a week ago and fell into a crevass with a depth of 20 meters near an altitude of 3000 meters. Male shoes did not have an eisen. Other climbers heard the screams for help from men reported to the rescue team and rescued

I feel crunching if I think I stayed in Crevasse for a week. Is it tough enough to mentally challenge the dangerous climbing of Winter Mountain? Even so, I was glad that I was saved.

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