Best timing to book and issue air tickets

There are couple of kinds of tickets.

Regular discount fare (PEX) - Airline direct sales

The more you book earlier, the more likely it will be cheaper, but recently it may change depending on the availability situation
Cheap air ticket (IT) - Travel agency sells
Those travel agencies selling tickets of group fares used for package tours to individuals
There are restrictions such as not being able to change the return date
Generally, more vacant seats are sold less cheaply
In the case of air tickets, the more vacant seats are sold so cheaply, so if you come on the day of departure, the number of seats will be fewer, generally higher settings will be made

▼ It will be higher if you buy it just before departure ...

As the boarding day approaches, the fee will be incrementally up ↑
I have experienced a price rise waiting for it to become cheap just before
Price rises to 30% or more when 7 days before departure
If you are lucky you may buy it cheaply (high risk)
To buy it cheaply there is a way to "just buy it". It is a ticket selling cheaply the tickets the travel agency could not judge

▼ Is not it cheap so much even if you bought it a long time ago?

There were cases that I lost because I bought it quickly
Preparedly reserving a ticket considerably earlier than departing is also not always a good idea

▼ When will it be the cheapest price?

I think that there is a high probability that you can get a cheaper ticket if you buy it from two weeks to four weeks in advance
There is a survey result that 34 days ago is best
It was found that the best time to book international tickets is 34 days before departure
Derived from the 2011 statistics of the European ticket search site
Even if it is cheaper to cut off one month ...
Even when I went to Hong Kong before, I had a friend who went to the same place for a week, so I bought cheaper one who bought one month off
Departure day also comes to price
Example) Japan ⇒ For Hawaii ...
It is convenient to remember that gold · soil is high for both departure from Japan and departure from Hawaii
What day is the cheapest departure date? The answer is the moon fire. It is stable and cheap throughout the year on Tuesday

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