The possession of backpacker ~ Journey in Southeast Asia ~


I gathered only what I really needed to travel alone.
We gathered luggage and preparation information etc.


Backpacker 's journey around Southeast Asia.
Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia. The period is three months.

After returning home temporarily, I went to Taiwan, the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, India! This half year
With convenient goods loading it will be a good weight .... If you only accumulate what you really need to travel in Southeast Asia, you can stay within 7 kg of backpack!
Southeast Asia in 3 months. Entering enters from Thailand. I spend about ten days in Thailand and move to another country after getting used. I am concerned about the rainy season.

Budget (Southeast Asia)

300,000 yen (3 months) ※ Including aircraft fee
One month's budget (target) 50,000 yen

Daily budget (approximate): 1500 yen

※ The accommodation and meal of the day will be affordable within 1500 yen, so it is calculated to be 30,000 yen a month, but because it has traveling expenses and sightseeing expenses, it finally settles to about 50,000 yen a month. How important it is not to be misplaced by travel expenses

※ Budget assuming that you do not buy souvenirs from the other side you said
Actually, I went around, the first day was 1,000 yen a day budget. But I noticed that it was difficult, changed to 1500 yen. Approximately when other backpackers listen to the budget, the target was 1500 yen many people.

Southeast Asia is 100,000 yen per month, I think there is considerable margin. I was about 50,000 yen per month for my goal.

The place that I can go by myself as much as possible is not a tour, but it can be cheaply suppressed by going by local traveling means etc. In Southeast Asia, tours are not expensive, so if you can not get down, it will cost you so much.

▼ Actual actual expenditure by country (2014 - 2016) ※ premise that can not be blurred


· Thailand 1 day within 1500 yen (Inn: 300 ~ 700 yen per meal 90 yen ~ 150 yen)
· Laos less than 1500 yen (accommodation: 400 yen ~ 700 yen, 1 meal 150 yen ~ 200 yen) ※ slightly higher than Thailand
· Vietnam 1 day 1500 yen (Inn: 600 ~ 800 yen, 1 meal 60 yen ~ 150 yen)
· Cambodia within 1,000 yen per day (Inn: 400 yen - 600 yen per meal 150 yen)
· Myanmar 1 day within 1,700 yen (accommodation: 1000 yen ~ 1500 yen per meal 50 yen ~ 150 yen) ※ Hotel only high
· Malaysia (in-house: 500 yen ~ 800 yen, 1 meal 80 yen ~ 230 yen) ※ If you search it is cheap with daughter
· India 1,000 yen per day (in-house: 300 yen to 600 yen per meal 50 yen to 150 yen) ※ It is quite cheap if it can not be dropped
· Pakistan 600 yen a day (Inn: 150 yen ~ 300 yen per meal 50 yen ~ 120 yen) ※ Super Cheap
· Philippines 1500 yen a day (Inn: 600 yen ~ 1200 yen per meal 100 yen ~ 200 yen)
· Bangladesh within 1500 yen per day (Inn: 800 yen ~ 1000 yen per meal 100 yen ~ 200 yen) ※ slightly higher image
· 2500 yen per day in Taiwan (1,000 yen to 2000 yen, 1,030 yen to 450 yen per meal) ※ It is considerably higher than other Southeast Asian countries

· Indonesia within 1500 yen per day (Inn: 650 yen ~ 900 yen, 1 meal 100 yen ~ 200 yen)
The above is a guideline for homestay fee and meal fee. As traveling expenses and sightseeing expenses get on this, how to keep the above and keep moving cheaply by local transportation is a point.
In Southeast Asia, bus movements in the city are often able to move from 10 yen to 30 yen
Preparation before departure

■ Before departure

What you did
· Depressed injection → hepatitis A and hepatitis B × 2 times. Total 30,000 yen
· Issuance of overseas dedicated cash card
· Credit card issued with overseas insurance issued
· Purchase bags 21,000 yen
· Purchase of other equipment (compass magnet, maglite, S-shaped hook, padlock, wire lock, compression bag) etc.
· Listen to people
· Ticket reservation
As for injection, I sold hepatitis A and hepatitis B twice, respectively, but it was high in Japan, so there were quite a lot of people hit backpacker Thai hospital.
In Thailand it is about 30,000 yen by striking all together.
In Japan, the third injection is half a year later, but in Thailand it seems sweet to be sweet, I said that it is one month later. Please investigate in detail.
As for injection of rabies, it is better to honestly.
Actually chewing is quite probably low, but Thailand, Laos and Myanmar have many stray dogs so far as to imagine that they will be bitten. I met a girl actually bitten. I think that you can strike if long term in order not to be biciked!
However, in case of biting, in any case, I have to go to the hospital, so the depression time is less after the person who was hit beforehand is bitten.
Flight · · · BEST as reserving as possible as possible more than one month ago
Air tickets looked for various airlines, but Thailand AirAsia is cheap.
This time it was 500 yen for in-flight meal and 3,000 yen for baggage, which became a one-way ticket totaling 24,000 yen.
※ If you can purchase at the campaign etc, it can be within 15000 yen. Be careful not to miss it
Although I was high, I recommend to book early. The earlier it is, the cheaper it is!
In fact, most of the money that will cost money while traveling will be air tickets or traveling expenses. In my case I did not decide when to move, so I went without making a reservation, but if you do so early, you can save on half the price in total for just air tickets.
I spent over 110,000 yen in 3 months for a total of air tickets, but if it does well it will be around 70,000 yen
We will make use of it next time! It is!
Overseas insurance · overseas travel insurance
You should definitely enter overseas insurance.

Even if I do not injure or get sick. It is because I can travel without getting bogbled.
Let's join in order to enjoy without hesitation at the site.

Although it is designated as a major insurance company, it is designated as a hospital, but it can be done without cash, so it is safe.
I think overseas travel insurance is essential for long-term travel abroad. If you get sick, get sick, if you die ... or anything else, money insecurity will not run out.


There are insurance companies that insurers also put on the net, so if you have about 3 months, you can join about 15,000 yen.
Let's definitely enter.
Long-term travel for about a year
I have traveled only in the short term, but when I ask a long-term traveler, it seems that there are many plans of roughly 100,000 yen in insurance if it is one year if insurance is cheap
☆ Credit card
~ Take a credit card accompanying overseas insurance ~
If you bring a credit card with overseas insurance, you can save the cost of separately subscribing to overseas travel insurance
1. Confirm whether credit card owned by him owns foreign insurance
2. If there is an incidental card, check the compensation contents of overseas insurance and compensation amount
⇒ Let's take that card if the content of compensation is self-conscious!
Of course it is better to apply for overseas insurance, but in the case of long-term travel costs will increase, so you can go with a credit card with overseas insurance without applying for overseas insurance

Overseas insurance incidental credit cards often have insurance for three months
Since there are conditions such as three months from the date of travel, let's check your card
Because there are many opportunities to get on a plane, if you can, you can recommend a card that earns miles (anything is OK if you do not save miles)
Behind the worker] By making full use of the second piece of credit card, we will make overseas travel insurance half a year backwork (3 months + 3 months)
I think that you can cover overseas insurance even with just one of the above, but if traveling period exceeds 90 days, I would like to cover by taking another card with backwork.
That card is the card to which the application of overseas insurance is activated from the time of card use.
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
For example, if you do settlement with credit card specified by the card company at the third month of your trip, there are cards that are overwhelming that insurance will be applied from there
There are quite a few credit cards to which insurance will be applied after using the card.
Valuable credit card which becomes insurance application period from the point of use
Three months after the trip, by clearing the air ticket with the second card, it will be available for three months from that only with a credit card to which overseas insurance is applied, three months + three months overseas overseas Insurance can be realized with just credit card.
Nonetheless, the compensation content is usually lower than overseas insurance, so if you are worried, we recommend you to join the overseas insurance separately
Overseas cash card
■ Cash card is a card that can be used to wholesale local currency at overseas ATM.
Prepare the cash card in advance. It is necessary to prepare a cash card exclusive for overseas.
▼ The following two cards are two cards that can be made without particular screening.
In the case of
▼ Recommended cash card 2 selection
· JTB's cash card "Money T Global"
▼ Money T Global
Money T Global ↓
After depositing in the dedicated account, bring the card and go abroad!
You can use it for overseas ATM withdrawal of local currency and shopping at Visa merchant store.
· It can be issued immediately for free
· Travel desk in 40 cities worldwide support
· Convenience and safety with IC chip installed
I am relieved because the travel company JTB issues
· By depositing (transferring) in advance to a dedicated account in advance, you can withdraw the local currency at overseas ATM within the range of the balance
· It can be used for paying shopping at overseas Visa franchise stores
· 24 hour call center
Cash passport and Money T Global are free of annual membership fee, it is merit that it is possible to create without any money.
Unlike credit cards, it is issued in about one week without review. I think that people who quit the company can issue regardless.
Credit card, cash card to take overseas
The biggest loss in currency exchange overseas is to exchange money in advance or exchange money at an airport overseas. Because they are bad rate, they lose cards
It is safe if you deposit it before departure. We can exchange foreign currency of 34 countries and regions.
It is ok if you only deposit as much as you need.
· Cash passport (overseas dedicated cash card)
▼ Cash Passport
No judgment, free, speed issue
· It is possible to withdraw in overseas ATM compatible with master card
Because bank account is unnecessary and there is no judgment, I arrived at hand at about 1 week.
If you charge in advance (deposit), it is possible to withdraw at overseas ATM
Moreover, you can pay with this card for shopping and meals, so you can use it like a credit card.
"Cash passport" of overseas private cash card!
Free for studying abroad, traveling and issued immediately ↓
About purchased items
Back pack (backpack)
I was quite surprised at 40L and a small bag, but most backpackers were at least 50L bags.
If I do not bring extra things like me, Southeast Asia is enough at 40 liters (limited to warmer areas).
Back pack 40 liter
Since it is closed to cover the part of the lid, it can be stored even after it is full
This size. What is good is to be MAX of the size that can be brought into the plane. Both vertical and horizontal can be brought without paying additional charges for the size of OK to carry in the cabinet
Carimar (karrimor) Cougar 40-55 Ink 751949: Outdoor

■ Backpack
I heard that this is a lot of mountain specialty shops in Jimbocho, I tried going. Actually there were quite a few mountain shops, I asked a sales clerk variously, and it became very helpful.
Although I said different things, I tried carrying it on my back and made it a backpack of 40 liters of bag "karrimor" that fits my body. Since the size and posture of the body are different depending on the person, let's buy things that match yourself by carrying it on your back. Especially because it will take a long time, it is not decided properly.
I emphasized dough afterwards. Karrimor carima and mirret were reputed as thick.
As I heard that there are things cut over there, sometimes it is thick cloth as much as possible, with karrimor with a reputation for the thickness of the fabric! It is!
Shampoo set
Remove the rinse and just OK with shampoo and soap.
Shampoo can be bought abroad, but overseas products scalp itches it, so when buying overseas it is better to buy a brand that I have heard as much as possible.

It is best to buy at first
· Light
In my case I did this. There were also things that other people also recommended, purchase.
The actual thing is quite small when you see it. It is middle order. But pretty bright! It is!

There is always something you need but never get in the way.
This lightness and this small size do not disturb you at all. Absolutely nothing is troubling.
Amazon | MAG-LITE (Maglite) Solitaire LED Silver
People who have plans for trekking may need to stay at a hut or something and electricity is easy to power out. If it is this size it will never get in the way, so there is nothing to worry about.
I think that it is necessary.
I bought it online.
Wire lock
Absolutely necessary
Safety if there is this when you want to put a little baggage and care for it.
· Wire lock
I purchased this by being recommended by other people wire lock. However, I was not sure how to fix my PIN, so I decided to go on a trip with the default settings ....
It was a big success at airports, bus terminals, inns!
Handy Wire Lock PIN [Theft! To prevent withdrawal;

Actually it used to be pretty. Whether it will be preventive even just by attaching it at the airport, the station, the station or when you take a moment to take a break or for a moment.
However, it was forfeited on account of the fact that it could be strangled at the airport in the Philippines .... Occasionally there are airports like that.
* But even when I went to the Philippines the following year, I will be forfeited by baggage inspection on the way back.
Padlock is absolutely necessary
I was told to bring this to various people, so I bought one Samsonite Talent and two Padlocks for 100 Yen Shop. If you do not put money on honesty, wire locks, padlocks and lights will all be available at the 100 yen shop.
Become famous worldwide trusted Samsonite
American Safety Transport Bureau Accredited TSA 4 Dial lock key Black
It is hard to break.
Other backpackers said that the 100 yen shop broke soon. I used it for 10 months without breaking it to the end!
mobile battery
Mobile battery, charger
Required for long-distance buses and traveling by long trains
In long distance train and bus movements, I am free, so Iphone music and movies are essential.
But I do not have a battery.
It was an essential item at such time.
Mobile phone · Smartphone
Simfrie's mobile is convenient!
As good as being stolen, "Better not using mobile phone" etc at home is BEST!
Or you could buy cheap mobile of Simfree overseas! It is! There is no need to forcibly buy it in Japan. If you have any
Shimfrey's mobile is convenient, but you do not need to buy it in advance.
· The facilities of wifi are set up abroad. For that reason, the Internet connection is easy
· However, in Southeast Asia, it is good to buy a sim card, as the sim card can be used for about a month of 500 yen. Buy at airport etc. It is expensive so let's buy it locally. Be careful not to get drowsy. In Southeast Asia, roughly everywhere is a one-month place with a 500 yen quorum card. People who are heading for it are coming with it. If it is over 1,000 yen, there is a possibility that it is being dropped.
Since the wifi environment is also substantial overseas, it is ok if you do not have a simfree
I wanted a visiting country, but because it is heavy, it is heavy and I can not bring it all, so only two books at a time.
There seems to be some people who take it as data called "self-catering", but I gave up because I did not have enough days to ask the contractor. It will take about two weeks so it's convenient to do it in advance.
I went with a strategy to take three books and throw them away on the way!
Honestly, the country that did not take honestly limited the scope of action, so I wonder if I should check in advance or take it with me though it is a thought.
The book was not going to clearly break the page, we were reducing the weight.
Another backpacker breaks in half and covers it and rebuilds it! It is quite impressive that everyone devised to lighten the weight! It is!
Because it is other than searching in second hand, it is also a good idea to look for a secondhand bookstore
Body Wiping Towel
Speedo (speed) water absorption seam towelIt's amazingly convenient.
Moisture absorption rate is very high. Drying is also very quick. If you narrow down a lot of water
Pull the towel dry soon and buy the swim towel at Oshmans to indulge as many times as you want.
I wanted to use it once!
Just because it did not become compact to that extent, it may be a normal towel.
Convenient knife
This is the knife. A brand useful knife that seems to have established a solid position in this field called VICTORINOX. My friend gave me a present.
All tools such as drivers and scissors are being miniaturized.
Do you actually use it? It seems to be used at quite frequent thought. Travelers, climbers and adventurers around the world are using the most famous brands
Other items I bought
Purchase because I think tablets are better than Iphone
It used quite a lot! Read e-books with Kindle, research things!
I just do a blog, so on tablet it is inadequate and I can not update.
If you are doing blogs let 's take a PC with you! It is!
I will make it to a PC next time!
Mosquito repellent spray
Pretty strong ....
If this happens, it seems that mosquitoes will not come if you shoot once in a closed room. Necessities.
Speaking of Southeast Asia, there are many mosquito problems.
This is really powerful and tremendous.
The mosquito died and was falling.
I wonder if it is bad for the human body by that much. .
Since it has 120 days' worth, it would be enough to have one.
Insect repellent spray
Southeast Asia has a lot of mosquitoes anyway.
Even if you forget it, you can buy it, so you do not have to be nervous to that point.
I only took it for the first time.
In my case two T-shirts and two shorts! That is the minute and the next day only!
Basics Every day is washing!
To that extent, the baggage was over!
I was sleeping wearing the next day 's T - shirt as a pajamas.
It was considerably lighter than other backpackers. Perhaps it was different from other people over 3 kilometers.
Pretty much everyone was eventually getting heavier with clothes and souvenirs.
Only 3 pants.
When the old shirt gets old, throw it away and buy it for 300 yen!
I do not recommend polo shirts too much! Why is it bulky, it collapses, and nothing more than a traveler! It is a resort-like luxury but it is not a backpacker. Polo shirts Men did not see until the end. Everyone loose T - shirt. It is not tight!

Westerners loose T - shirts Cool cool dress.
Swimwear is convenient for pants. Even if it is not swimsuit like a surf pants, it's easy to dry anyway.
Let's have running pants or some other exercise group so take a dry guy.
It is light, and it will dry while sleeping.
Cotton pants are heavy and thirsty was slow and troublesome.
With pants absolutely attached! It is!
Purchasable at 100 yen shop
It is the best if you have an umbrella, but because it becomes heavy and it becomes a luggage, it is umbrella that you do not want to carry a backpacker as much as possible.
So, it is convenient to purchase wings with a 100 yen shop and bring it.
A type with a long hem should be as good as possible.
Passport holder cum, money belt
It is better to type it from the neck or roll it under the clothes.
Laptop type is the best.
You can rest assured that you have a pouch beside your wallet separately from your wallet.

You do not have to bring the currently used guy.
100 yen The chain or rubber wallet striking shops etc. is convenient.
Apart from the porch, I use it to put in a small amount of about 1,000 yen easy to take out.
If it is stolen by any chance, it is acceptable range.
Beach sandal. This was also a necessity.
I use it everyday! As well as walking for what I use, I use it every time in an area that I do not want to walk with in a bathroom or bare feet. It is a bad item if there is nothing.
However, since it can buy this at around 300 yen on site, there is no need to buy it honestly.
contact lens
I brought a contact for only 50 days for one day. It is a strategy to buy on the way.
Because it was a one day, I was delighted to go down little by little everyday! Because it gets lighter!
I think that contact lenses can be bought in Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia, but it is not popular so be careful as there is a possibility that my favorite brand contacts are not quite expensive. There is almost Johnson.
In Thailand, Johnson is about 30 dollars for one eye of about 35 dollars. It is high.
Cambodia is 40 dollars, and in Siemlim Up only one shop is available! So it is better not to schedule purchasing in Cambodia.
Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam handles only one store. There is Japanese seed. I got 80 dollars a month for both eyes.
Like Thailand, I think that Malaysia is in its own right as it searches.
The price is about the same as Thailand.
I bought it only in Cambodia.
I think that it is better to take one if it can tolerate the heaviness, because the penetration rate of every country is still insufficient compared to Japan. I will buy it at the local time when I go next time! Because lighter priority of luggage!
Clothing (fashion)
This is for each person, but it is better to warn them, it is a sense of fashion not to spend money. I did not feel much fashionable, but I regret that I could have been a little more.

However, I do not need jeans or long pants. I do not need a polo shirt. I do not need tight clothes. I do not need high clothes. It will float when worn like that. Would it be better to stop looking like I'm wearing it in summer.
Ragged but fashionable guy!
It is easy to dry and it is light so we recommend one tank top.
Sneakers (athletic shoes)
Sneakers (athletic shoes) apart from sandals are convenient
There are plenty of places to go around the ruins or go to places where it is rugged so it would be convenient if you wear sneakers. Shoes only with this sneakers and sandals OK
BEST is amazingly light in trekking shoes, but recently it is from outdoor makers, so if you have trekking shoes that you can use even on town walks, it is BEST, but you do not have to bother buying it. I was trekking with sneakers.

Down and fleece (winter)
It is unnecessary It becomes a baggage and takes a place.
Of course it is better that there was one, it is okay even if there is no, but it is ok without it!
You can buy cheap on-site and get it from other travelers

If you go to mountain regions in Nepal or India, you can procure locally.
Even if new items are down, downs like North Face (fake) is about 3000 yen. It can be purchased within 400 yen ~ 1000 yen if used.
I bought it in the mountainous region of India for used down 700 yen, fleece 250 yen, thick socks 30 yen, new trousers 500 yen and after transferring over to other travelers. There is Mr. Nagoya in the market, so let's look for it!

Music ipod
I can not afford to accompany the trip for music

Apple iPod nano fifth generation 8 GB
If you are looking for a digital audio player · Low price · abundant selection
Ipod or I Shuffle is the best.
I was listening on the Iphone
Let's definitely bring music! . I was listening on the iphone, but it is heavy to put it in my pocket, so it would be convenient if there is ipod. On long-distance buses and long-distance trains, there is no time to crush the time to listen to music or read novels.

It's time to go to bed.

I listen to music overseas and feel relieved.

However, in Southeast Asia there are few people who are earphones on the roadside, so it may be better not to do anything other than inns and buses.

Mandatory item It is light as it is mirrorless, and the image is also beautiful, so recommend it to those who want to emphasize lightness
Camera is indispensable.
However, the type that people bring is different.
I bought a digital camera with emphasis on lightness, but people who like cameras bring a single lens reflex.

In the case of single lens reflex, you can take a good picture at all though it is second hand. There is no need to forcibly buy a new item

Although I was a digital camera, when I look at the picture of a person who took it with my SLR,

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