Oacis of Huacachina


Huacachina (Spanish: Huacachina) is a small village in Ika prefecture in southeastern Peru. It is known as a resort area near Squid. The population is 115 people (1999).

Huacachina lies around a small lake in the desert and is called "America's Oasis". The popularity of sand boarding and sand buggy using the hundreds of meters of sand dunes is also increasing in recent years.

In the legend, the beautiful princess of the land noticed the bathing in the hunter, it turned out that the lake was turned off by changing the puddle that had been bathing to a lake. The cloak of the cloak left when she ran away became the surrounding dunes. She is still living in the lake as mermaid. There is also a mermaid statue related to the mermaid legend in Huacachina.

Huacachina (Huacachina) is a small oasis town located in the south of Peru, about five hours from the capital Lima, designated as a cultural heritage by the National Culture Research Institute. Although this oasis where 96 people live now is deep inside Peru's barren land Atacama Desert, lush palm trees, shops, and hotels are magically present. Although the lagoon in this oasis was formed naturally, there is a legend that the princess kept water in the desert when it was found in the hunter while he was bathed and ran away.

■ History of Huacachina

A quiet lagoon in this oasis is said to have a healing effect, and in the 1940's it became popular as a wealthy Peruvian resort living in Lima. As a result, luxurious hotels and boardwalks were built one after another along the lagoon, but in the 1950s tourists decreased and Huacachina was regarded as an old tourist destination.

But in the 1990s, a foresight businessman began offering tourists a sand dunes exploration with four wheel drive buggy, and Huacachina regained popularity in a blink of an eye

■ Attractiveness of Huacachina

From "Huacachina.com" site

In Huacachina you can enjoy quiet and calm time such as swimming in lagoon, sunbathing, visiting wineries and museums. However, those who want to spend more active can also enjoy sports only in Huacachina. It's sandboarding and beach buggy. Sandboarding is a sport that uses a sandboard to slide down a sand dunes instead of sliding down the snowy mountain, but it seems to be very thrilling. It also says that you can enjoy the feeling like the hero of science fiction movie by running around sand dunes with beach buggy.

Huacachina is literally an oasis on the ground, but has problems of water shortage due to an increase in tourists. In the past few years the water level of the lagoon has decreased due to the fact that the owner of the land dug a well to get the groundwater and evaporation of water due to the high temperature in summer. For that reason, measures have been taken to pump water from a nearby city / squid into a lagoon. The increase in tourists brings economic benefits, but at the same time it often brings about nature destruction. I want Huacachina to remain as an oasis forever blooming in the desert forever.




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