Bulgaria Communist Party Headquarters


The ruins of the Bulgaria Communist Party headquarters are as if they were SF movie space ships themselves (Republic of Bulgaria)


Transfer a train from Sofia Airport in the capital city of Sofia, about 1 hour from Kazanlak, the nearest station. About 20 minutes by taxi from there.


It's almost like a spaceship, the Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters
Looking at the picture of the Bulgaria Communist Party headquarters, it is like a spacecraft interior.
To be exact, "former" Bulgarian Communist Party headquarters. It is an image abandoned by the Communist Party and transformed into ruins.
Although it is inside the building, sand is deposited on the feet of people.
The appearance of the Communist Party Hall in Bulgaria looks like a huge UFO has gone late. This building which the Communist Party, under the leadership of the former Soviet Union under the leadership of the former Soviet Union in 1981, made for showing off the power has a mosaic tile depicting heroes that saved the country on the inner wall. Looking up at the ceiling of a large hall, the Communist Party's mark that seems to collapse still is inevitable.
Even if it looks old, there is a ruin with a presence that has a soul somewhere in it. If you look closely at that figure, you can feel the weight of history.

It sounds like I'm watching a scene in science fiction movie.
Headquarters located at the top of the Balkans
This Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters was created as a symbolic meeting place by the Communist Party regime.
In other words, it is a venue for conferences, discussions and even public events.

How surprised this building is located at the top of the steep Balkan Mountains, at a height of 1441 m above sea level.
Even looking at the exterior, it looks like a spaceship. (↓ Appearance of Communist Party Headquarters in Bulgaria)

Power person meets Communist Party headquarters
Here, at the Bulgarian Communist Party headquarters, it seems that power from overseas and Communist leaders in this region met.

Please imagine. The principals surely were conscious of SF. It is a translation to meet at such a place.
It was made with donation of citizens and communists
Actually, this Communist Party headquarters is made of donations from citizens and communists.

Is it a building created in the welcome of the local residents, is it a symbol of strong feelings?

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