Music music MP3 movie software is also a free trick technique for all! It is!


It is a common touch.
But it really is. . .
It is exactly in China.
It is free when you are in China (including business trips).
As I will tell you in advance, the only thing that is likely to cost you money is to join the service called VPN (virtual private network), but there may be charges depending on the provider at that time.
Let me introduce the steps one by one from the conclusion.
1 <What kind of site is present? Music edition>
There are two in music.
Let's start clicking on the sound, filling in the name of the person and the song who worries carefully although Chinese will come up
When I put it in with lady gaga Iloilo comes out. If you click ▷, you can listen to music, but if you want to download it, it will drop if you click the down arrow on the Arrow of Obon. Although there are times when it is useless, there are many very famous songs that are also the same, so do not try to find it.
Please also see here when baidu is useless.
First, visit https://y.qq.com/.
Click on the lower shopper's end at the top to download special software. MAC / IPHONE / PC etc .. equipped.
Please install it.图片4.png
Although there is no danger, we recommend that you turn off the options as shown, as there are many options to put extra other software.
Installation is completed at the end with the on-site experience.
Let's put in the upper window the artist or song name you want to hear.
I will come down below.
If you move the cursor to each song, you will also see a down arrow on the tray in the same way, so please click on it.
Then the first person will be charged the QQ number.
QQ is a common chat system in China. Issuing a number is necessary.
Try installing the chat system here and share the ID you generate at that time. After creation it is OK if you do not need to discard this chat software.
2 <What kind of site is there? Movie edition>
There are various videos, but the best recommendation is bilberries.
This site is really useful mobile site. If you insert special software that also supports Android and Apple APP, it will download it. Japanese dramas are also substantial and you can see various things other than movies. In addition, although there are privileges such as having priority over seeing things that can not be watched when registering as a member of VIP, in order to become this VIP it is actually an unusual system in which it is necessary to pass the examination problem instead of money I am.
Moreover, the problem is home quiz format.
3 <Connections>
Well, although it is an actual connection, VPN is necessary to connect to these sites. I need special software because it is necessary to enter the inside from the outside by crossing over from the outside, known as the famous Great Firewall in China (OK if the PC in China is OK).
In general, when searching for VPN in general, it is absolutely numerous that the domestic troupe of China needs the VPN software to be connected to the IP stations of overseas VPN so that software that is restricted when wanting to see the site outside the country is absolutely many It is inevitable to be grabbed. It is absolutely necessary to apply for services with domestic IP.
Apparently it seems that http://www.flyvpn.com/en/ is useful for various reasons. It is about 10USD / month but it seems that it can be enjoyed for 20 minutes for free, so first of all can you try purchasing after checking that you can actually connecMP3

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