Instantaneous Elite Treatment with money Strongest card FOUNDERS card


There are various preferential membership system in anyware. Airline companies and hotel companies are issuing their own cards and are systems that give preferential treatment as preferential members by various names according to mileage, number of boarding times, number of accommodations.
Recently, credit cards have worked quite well, and many cards that can also use the lounge are available if they become members.
Well I will introduce you this time is not an exaggeration to say that it is not introduced at all in Japan It is a preferential treatment card of another method.
That name is
Even though it is a card, this card is neither a credit card nor a mileage card.
When you purchase this card:
It can be a shot to an elite member of an airline company such as American, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic. Hilton also becomes an elite member at the hotel.
Moreover, individual rates of various hotels all over the world are set and it is possible to stay at preferential price.
Although it is an interesting member price, although it is honest slightly expensive, if it is free only for the registration of the meruad only for the campaign registration, we will wait for a few months until the code is issued as soon as various information such as half price or double period comes soon It is advisable to join from.

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