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More easy travel abroad! Techniques to reduce baggage more
Traveling overseas, is that also necessary? Are not you fattening your trunk? Let's store it well and make effective use of the vacant space. If the package is small, the footwork should also be light. You can travel more aggressively.
Moving from the airport to the inn by pushing a heavy suitcase is exhausting other thoughts.
Especially in Europe there are many cobbled streets, the wheels do not move smoothly.
The hotel's elevator is also different from Japan, narrow and small ones as well.
If possible, we would like to lightly luggage itself and move without stress.
Required minimum list

How to reduce luggage and list of necessary items when going abroad?

Women tend to have more luggage than men, such as cosmetics, clothes, and accessories.
A list that seems to be the minimum is posted.
When going to a cold place go on wearing Mouton boots such as UGG and sandals for hot resort areas. Sneakers are always active.
If you take as many shoes as you can, it will be a very bulky baggage.

<Packing technique>

Luggage packing technique Packing method for suitcases Overseas travel tips
Packages, suitcases, carry bags, backpack packing methods, tricks, tricks that will help you prepare before traveling overseas. Let's minimize the number of clothes and underwear required.

Think what you think is convenient if you have ○ ○, so do not use it, so do not take it. Carefully select only the things you use reliably.

1. Fashionable clothes 2. Underwear 3. Personal washbasin 4. Small articles and sorted by storage case and packing storage.

Compact storage | Best overseas trips for the best seasons, essential items, recommended spots
Traveling brings living goods packed up in suitcases and carry cases, so even if it says the minimum necessary, it becomes considerable luggage if there are many days staying.
Comment on regulations on carry-on items.
It also shows how to choose a suitcase / carry case.
If you divide into small pieces like pouches and storage pouches like underwears, toiletries, accessories, etc., it also prevents loss and makes it easy to take out.
There are also innocent ways to bring all the goods such as shampoo, soap and toothbrush, and procure all on site.
Since. it is prepared in a hotel for domestic travel and business trips, there is no need to take it.
What kind of "clothes" suffered pretty much?

<Clothes take the most place in the baggage>

How to reduce this is "key"!
Wearing with less clothes at a destination - Wasab and wisdom gained knowing overseas travel
Wasaba and wisdom acquired by knowing overseas trips to overseas travel and traveling alone for the first time, overseas travel information site summarizing preparation and necessary knowledge of necessities for overseas travel
Introducing the tips for choosing clothes that are easy to wear and convenient items.
Tips for selecting clothes that are easy to wear around should be grouped in the same color.
Increase the number of top items.
For men, cotton bread is recommended from jeans. Even after washing it dries quickly.
It is convenient to choose a couple of colors that are easy to coordinate with the color tone of clothes.
Recommended items for women, one piece.
Just take one clothes, fancy restaurants, musical appreciation, beach and etc, you can dress in every situation.
Because wearing on the plane does not put pressure on the body, it is easy and recommended.
If you include the cardigan in cooling measures, OK!
There is also a way to wash it or take the old one and dispose it locally.
It is convenient to check the nearby coin launderette or the hotel's laundry service in advance.
If you keep clothes for about 3 days and wash them in hotels etc, you can reduce baggage much more.
If you are staying in the same place for many days, it may be OK even a small number of underwear as long as you wash your underwear.
Some underwear and inner shirts take worn-out things and throw them away when worn.
Let's use the vacant space for "souvenir".

<What do you bring in the cabin?>

There is a provision in each airline.
Let's check it on the homepage etc.

Things such as medicine, glasses and contacts that are difficult to purchase locally oneself are safe to bring in on board.
Let's think about the possibility of loss of luggage and arrival delay.
If you have a connecting ticket, be sure to change your flight ticket as baggage.

Even with eye mask, air pillow, slippers, etc., you can spend comfortably.
Cosmetic products (including gel, cream, mousse) such as liquid cosmetic lotion and milky lotion can not be brought into the cabin as it is.
It is necessary to transfer to a transparent plastic bag with zipper.
There is no need for medicines and baby food needed during flight.
Baggage convenient when brought in the cabin overseas | nanapi [Nanapi]
It lists things to bring with importance degree.
Passport, air tickets, money is natural, but unexpectedly black ballpoint pens are easy to forget.

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