Borobudur ruins basic information Candi Borobudur

Indonesia, Buddhist stone ruins located about 42 km northwest of Yogyakarta.

Originally a Buddhist Javan Buddhist temple. Buddha buddha monks and general believers from neighboring countries will visit as worshipers as current working temples, not as ruins now. "Candi" of "Candi Borobudur" in Indonesian language means "temple", not "ruins". However, Borobudur's management is not Buddhist officials such as monks in Indonesia where there are few Buddhists, an archaeological park management company does. Nearby is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as "Borobudur Temples Archaeological Site". Borobudur is also the name of the surrounding town as well as the name of the ruins.


Construction began with the King Shirane Dora Dalmatunga from about 780 and was completed around 792. Building materials of Borobudur Temple are brick-like blocks of 20 cm to 30 cm in thickness. Black gray oresite and tuff.

At the Borobudur site there are stupas with Buddha statues located in the site of 72 aircraft. A stupa is a pagoda. Originally refers to a pagoda that captured the remains of Buddha and relics. It is a structure like a basket of stone with square lattice holes under the picture, with Buddha statues one by one inside. Only one body of the lower picture is removed and the inside Buddha image is exposed. Buddha statues in Stupa are often broken as neck is missing from the background of religious conflict in the past. The Borobudur remains is itself a huge stupa.
Near the top of Borobudur ruins Does Stupa resemble the Earth Nut Mort Refill Bottle?
Location relationship between Jakarta and Borobudur, Bali

It is 562 km from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, 9 hours 35 minutes by car. By Google map route search.
What is Borobudur like?
Borobudur remains in the town of Yogyakarta out of Indonesia. The image which heard only words is a ruin secretly nestling in the secluded jungle, but in reality there is no such feeling at all. It is quite common in the ordinary suburban village hills. Rather than the ruins, the atmosphere of a new theme park in the suburbs rather rather. Even after the earthquake destroyed it was cleanly restored.

Yogyakarta is the city that is the base for sightseeing in Borobudur. It is common to go from Asia to Jakarta in Indonesia or via Denpasar in Bali. It is safe to think that "Delhi" and "New Delhi" are the same, but "Jakarta" and "Yogyakarta" are completely different cities and the distance is 562 km away on the way.

Since it is an hour and a half from Denpasar to Yogyakarta, "Borobudur on the short-term tour on Bali about 5 days" can be executed itself, but it will regret probably because it will be a bullet to be chased by time. Tourists who choose Bali tend to travel with expectation of beach resorts, but if they are forced to tour Borobudur with a short-term tour option, there is a high possibility that they will be too busy to taste the resort feeling in Bali. When traveling back and forth from Bali, enjoying Bali and sightseeing Borobudur ruins, even if you use Air Asia it is better to stay in Bali for more than a week.
The visit of the Borobudur ruins park itself can be reached all day if it is one day. If you go from Yogyakarta by city bus, you can get one way from the hotel in about 2 hours. Transportation expenses Total round trip cost of about 600 yen (As of September 2012, access ยท charge details are on the next page). A local tour company in Yogyakarta also carries out tours of Borobudur and Plan Banan. Online reservation is not common, you need to go face to face and make a face-to-face reservation at the tour desk. The day before the reservation the day before early in the morning. Reservations can be made in English.

It is possible to walk from Borobudur Bus Terminal (photo left) to the ruins entrance in 10 minutes on foot even if you use private bus by city bus. From the Borobudur Bus Terminal to the ruins park entrance There is a bicycle taxi and a carriage, but the fee is negotiated. A bicycle taxi from 5,000 RP. From Borobudur 's ticket entrance, it takes 1 to 2 hours to walk around the ruins on foot. It is a feeling that I leave the hotel at 7 o'clock in the morning and return to the hotel around 2 o'clock even if I go out personally if I do not sit in the ruins for an hour. There are other small relics in the vicinity of Borobudur, but the tension is subtle. There are a lot of bicycle taxis and will take you as one if you ask.
There are many local visitors in Borobudur and it is crowded with Indonesian tourists visiting on excursions and tours. You can experience the background of the rapidly increasing number of middle wealthy people who can travel in Indonesia. The number of people may have influenced, but in the ruins of the world 's spirit there is a sadness of the civilization which was left behind in time and disappeared, and it is touching the visitor' s chord, but Borobudur He was somewhere bright and healthy and I could not feel that much.

Borobudur Admission Foreigner is 15US $ or 135,000Rp. Indonesian adult 30,000 Rp (264 yen), under 6 years old 12,500 Rp

The entrance ticket department is divided for Indonesian people and for foreigners (photo right), and Indonesian ticket department is tremendously crowded as a group of excursion rush by time. Most of those local people are visiting by a large tour bus, and there are few Indonesian tourists who use the local city bus to tour the Borobudur ruins. For city bus users only local elders and high school grandfathers and grandparents and grandmothers such as me who are eccentric.
Yogyakarta, the base of Borobudur, is much cheaper than Bali and it costs less to stay as long as you live on a local fee. Indonesia has a large domestic price difference by region.

If you go on a tour, you can travel comfortably without knowing such world as it includes accommodation fee and tour fee.

There are also several hotels and cheap hotels in front of the Borobudur ruins park. If you want to visit Borobudur over a period of days, you may want to stay in hotels around ruins that need not be moved.
In Kuta, Bali, 10,000 Rp Nashi Champlle is also 2,000 Rp in the local area leaving the city of Java Island. Since Borobudur is completely local except for the ruins, Nashi Champlle in front of the bus terminal is only 3,000 RP as of May 2012 As such, Nashi Champlle is a simple vegetable side dish (on the photo). Still it is easy to eat for Asians as tofu and fried food are on rice. Pear crisp with chicken was slightly higher even in cheap regions.

Borobudur information

Borobudur admission fee
Borobudur ruins park entrance fee Foreigner is 15US $ or 135,000 RP (about 1,200 yen). Indonesian adult 30,000 Rp (264 yen), under 6 years old 12,500 Rp (110 yen) As of September 2012.
From Yogyakarta Airport
There is an airport taxi from Yogyakarta Airport to Borobudur ruins. It takes 50 minutes. Numerous negotiation system Bolitak other than a regular landing promise.
Borobudur opening time
6 o'clock - 17 o'clock

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