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city of miracles revived by citizens! 10 selections

When I go to the capital of Poland , Warsaw,  I will introduce sightseeing spots which I can not remove absolutely!  Where is Warsaw?

A republic nation located in central Europe. Members of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

What about security?

Roughly speaking, "It is safer than Western Europe, it is more dangerous than Asia."

The capital city of Warsaw is not as calm as Stockholm and Berlin. However, most of the crimes that occur are monetary crimes such as theft, pickpockets, withdrawals, and empty birds. I think that it is almost impossible for the Asian people to feel the danger of life on living.

the hotel is?

Although it is prosperous as a sightseeing spot, due to the fact that it is the capital city, there are many uses for business purposes, and the price range is set higher than other cities. Still, we can stay at a 4 star hotel at the price of a Japanese 3 star hotel due to cheaper price setting than hotel in Japan.

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Classic sightseeing spots

1, Lazienki Park

Opening Hours: Park (Everyday) Sunrise - Sunset
Closed: None
HP: http: //www.lazienki-krolewskie.pl/
Access: 0.8 km from POLITECHNIKA metro station
Aleje Ujazdowskie, Warsaw 99-200, PolandAleje Ujazdowskie 99, Warszawa, Poland
In the park built by the last king of Poland Stanisław Ponatowski, there is the Lazienki Palace (aka Shimizu palace) which was the summer residence.
The site area is as much as 760,000 m 2, there are botanical gardens and theaters, and it is known as a beautiful park in Europe. During the summer, the Chopin Concert to be held on Sunday is famous.

2, historical district of Warsaw

Access: Get off at Povicile Station by tram
Old town Warsaw, Poland Poland Warsaw Stare Miasto
In the historical district of Warsaw, there are medieval buildings, castle walls and cathedral which spread around the Old Town Marketplace (Marketplace).
Source https://worldheritagesite.xyz/warsaw/
It is the oldest historical district of Warsaw, but it was destroyed during the Second World War, and about 80% was attributed to ash dust.

Based on the sketches that were left and the landscape paintings of Bernardo Bellotte drawn in the late 18th century, I began working on restoring the city.
As a result, the city regained the original townscape "to a single crack of bricks." This "indomitable enthusiasm" received a very high evaluation at the deliberation of World Heritage registration.

3, Palace of Culture and Science

Opening hours: 9: 00-18: 00
Closed: December 25, December 26, January 1
http: //www.pkin.pl/
Access: 1 minute on foot from Warszawa Centralna (Warszawa Central) station
Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa Pałac Kultury i Nauki, plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa, Poland
Constructed in the form of gifts to Poland by Stalin, launched in 1952, completed four years later in 1956.
The highlight of this building No. 1 is the observation deck located 30 floors above ground and 124 meters high. It is gaining popularity from tourists as the most panoramic spot in Warsaw where you can see the cityscape of Warsaw.

4, the Holy Cross church

Source ситур.рф
Business hours: 9: 30-16: 30
Closed: When holding a religious event
Admission: Free

http: //swkrzyz.pl/
Access: 3 km from WARSZAWA CENTRALNA railway station, 10 mins by taxi
Ul Krakowskie Przedmieście 3 Warsaw Krakowskie Przedmieście 3, Warszawa, Poland
This church is famous as a church where the Chopin family passed, and a vase containing Chopin 's heart was placed.
At the moment Chopin 's heart is buried beneath the stone pillar on the left side of the main hall, music fans are constantly visiting.

5, Barbacan

Access: 10 minutes on foot from Boleść 01 station
Ul. Freta, Warsaw 99-200, PolandFreta 99, 00-227 Warszawa, Poland
Barbacan is a red brick-made circular fort in the old city of Warsaw, the capital of the Republic of Poland

This fort was built from the 15th century to the 16th century and was used as a gunpowder and a prison. It is registered as a World Heritage Site as "Warsaw Historic District" in 1980.

6, Warsaw Uprising Museum

Closed: Tuesday, December 25, January 1
Admission: Adult 14 zł
HP: http: //www.1944.pl/en/
Access: Bus: 105, 109, 151, 155, 159, 178 / tram: No. 1, 8, 22, 24, 74
Ul. Grzybowska 79, 00-844 Warszawa Grzybowska 79, Warszawa, Poland
To celebrate the people who fought for the freedom of the motherland Poland, the museum opened in the year of the Warsaw uprising in 2004 for the 60th anniversary
Source Warsaw Uprising Museum
In the museum where you can learn about the lives of citizens at the time of the Warsaw uprising and battles inside, it is exhibited in various ways such as photographs, images and maps, living goods of the time and fighter aircraft.

7, National Museum of Art, Warsaw

Opening hours: 【Tuesday - Friday】 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 【Sat · Sun】 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
Closed: Monday
Admission: Permanent exhibition: General - 12 zł, discount - 7 zł, family - 25 zł ※ Saturday: Admission free
Exhibition: Adult - 17 zł, discount - 10 zł
HP: http: //www.mnw.art.pl/
Access: City bus, get off at the tram "Muzeum Narodowe"
Al. Jerozolimskie 3, Warsaw 00-495 Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, Warszawa, Poland
Museum holding an art and painting of Poland and the world from ancient times to the present age
Source Warsaw National Museum of Art
From ancient times to modern times, it is a popular museum where you can see the highest peaks of Polish and world art and paintings in one place.

8, Villanuf Palace

Business hours: Palace 【2 / 1-4 / 30】 9: 30-16: 00 【5 / 1-9 / 19】 9: 30-18: 00 【9 / 20-12 / 19】 9: 30-16 : 00
※ Summer: Tuesday, Thurs, Fri 9: 30-16: 00
Garden: 【All year / every day】 9: 00 - sunset
Closed: Tuesday (None in summer), long holidays in mid-December to late January
Admission 【Palace】 Adult: PLN 20.00 (Sunday free)
【Garden】 PLN 5.00 (Thursday free)
HP: http: //www.wilanow-palac.art.pl
Access: 10 km by bus (130) from Warsaw Central Station (WARSZAWA CENTRALNA)
Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego 10/16 02-958 Warszawa Poland, Warsaw 02-958, PolandStanisława Kostki Potockiego 2, 02-958 Warszawa, Poland
Vilanuf Palace is a palace built in the 17th century as summer palace of the Yan III Sobieski
Source Vilanuf Palace
A number of art objects such as furniture, watch, Chinese pottery, portrait etc collected by Yang III are left. The garden surrounding the palace is also wonderful and you can see the beautiful garden resembling the Palace of Versailles outside the Paris.

9, Warsaw Royal Palace

Opening hours: 【Tue - Satur】 10: 00 ~ 16: 00, 【Sun】 11: 00 ~ 16: 00
Closed: Monday, November 1, December 24 - 25, December 31, January 1, January 6, March 29
Admission: Adult: PLN 22.00, Sunday free entry
http: //www.zamek-krolewski.pl/
Access: tram stop "Stare Miasto" in front of you
Plac Zamkowy 4, 00-277 Warszawaplac Zamkowy 4, Warszawa, Poland
The royal palace of Warsaw was built as the residence of Sigismund III of King Poland which took off from Krakow to Warsaw at the end of the 16th century.
Source Warsaw Royal Palace
During the Second World War, Nazis - Germany was thoroughly destroyed, restoration work was completed in 1988, and now it is a museum exhibiting furniture, furniture and medieval coins of the 18th century.

10, Chopin Museum

Opening hours: 12: 00-20: 00 (last entry 19:00)
Closed: Monday, December 24 - 25, December 31, January 1, April 8 - 9
Admission fee: Adult: 22 PLN, student: 13 PLN, under 7 years: free
Ul. Okólnik 1, 00-368 Warszawa Pałac Gnińskich, Okólnik 1, 00-368 Warszawa, Poland
A chilling museum for Chopin lovers!
Source Chopin Museum
It uses a lot of multimedia and touch panel, it is a fresh and near future museum like a science and technology center rather than a musician's biography museum.

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