Tempted! recommended unique cinemas abroad


This is a reality ...! Is it?  Cinemas in the world that are too fashionable
In typical theaters, the purpose of seeing movies is "movie theater". Looking at the world a bit, it's super fashionable as if you were watching from a movie theater like a heaven or a cathedral while sleeping in bed! I gathered cool movie theaters just to know

1. Fox Theater (USA)

A movie theater in Detroit founded in 1928
Huge cinema with 5174 people

The largest and most luxurious of the five boxes owned by the 20th century FOX!

Stained glass windows in impressive red carpet entrance
The glittering star's sea and cobalt's "sky" stimulate the accent of the work




2. Olympia Music Hall (France)

The audience seats are beds and you can enjoy movies while relaxing
A crowd of 2,000 people!
The opening of the movie theater in 1954 and a very historical place
Originally it was a terrible land that was temporarily occupied by the United States where a roller coaster was located!


Motoron As the name is also open as a music hall
Lady Gaga and Madonna, Paul McCartney also appeared!
Check it when you go to France! It is located in Paris' 9th arrondissement



3. Hot Tube Cinema (UK)

A very fun movie theater in London

It seems that it will be newly established in the US, Ibiza
What a wonderful time to watch a movie while staying in a heated pool!
The city is dying at night The movie is watching inside

It is a cinema which is strongly promoted by BBC and ITN,
Paintings such as Lion King and Back to the Future are screened!
Just like "Kanji that can only be done here" · · · w



4. Sci-Fi Dynein Theater Restaurant (USA)

It is in Disney's Hollywood Studios
You can enjoy watching movies on an open car while enjoying a meal
What's new with the Drive in Theater! As expected Disney!
As a restaurant from kids menu to adult cocktail
Full of playfulness! Because I am American size one by one, I ask too much attention

Sci - Fi Dine - In Theater, Disney 's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World
If you do not have a reservation you will be waiting for more than one hour so be careful!


5. Pula Arena (Croatia)

Source static.boredpanda.com
A picture of "Pula Film Festival" held several times each year
It is the event with the most visitors in Croatia
Before the Cannes International Film Festival, the oldest film festival in Europe since 1938! Since it is held until 23:30 in the open air, a movie under the starry sky is seen!
It is considerably preserved as compared with Colosseum of Proma
A perfectly circular arch wall still remains! Must-see scenery as sightseeing!


6. Cineteca El matadero Madrid (Spain)


It seems like a dream to a cinema, passageway that is enclosed by a bunch of fantastic light

Screening movies are like Italy, Italian movies are main
We are screening a wide range from black and white to the latest work


7. UGC de Brouckere (Belgium)


Cinema du Brussels built in 1906
I imagined El Dorado and this box was built
By the way, El Dorado is the Golden Town. Legendary land that was supposed to exist in the outback of the Andean communicated to Spain during the Great Voyage
In 2011, Steven Spielberg's director
'Titan's Adventure' gathers great glamor and is unveiled worldwide



There is something reminiscent of the night museum . w
There were lots of cinema boxes that I'd like to introduce yet, but overseas movie theaters the box itself was attractive like a movie.

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