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What is the charm of Marrakech?

Morocco's fourth city where 900,000 people live, marrakech (Marrakech). In Berber language it means "the country of God" and it is a beautiful city with a nickname "South Pearl". It has been chosen as the top place in the city that attracts New York, Paris and other attractions at travel sites.

Where is Marrakech?

Marrakesh Morocco Marrakech

Interesting contrast of scale of the city between old town and the other...


Morocco touches Algeria and Mauritania across Spain across the Gibraltar Strait, North Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mediterranean to the east, Atlas Mountains to the south. Marrakech is located in the middle of Morocco.
Why does Marrakech fascinate travelers?


In the old city area called Medina, there is a castle town surrounded by old walls.

A high rampart built to protect the city from enemy attacks. Inside it was built a fort and a dwelling surrounded by red walls was made.
It can be said that the charm of Marrakesh is packed in an atmosphere like a different dimension or another world which historical buildings and the city itself are producing.

Highlights of Marrakech

◆ Jama L El Fna Square
This square is located in the center of the old city center surrounded by the walls of Marrakesh, which is also said to be the world's largest, is registered as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage.
It is a place where you can enjoy a variety of performances such as a street performer representing Morocco competing skills, people who deal with monkeys and snakes, and make you feel that you are in a foreign country.
It is a square where you can enjoy the state of festivities, such as street performers and stalls. Especially at night, it is full of energetic atmosphere.
◆ Majorelle Garden
French painter Jacques Majorre was landscaped in the 1920s. He was also a plant collector and ordered plants from all over the world to create a space full of exoticism.
Bamboo groves and cactus, plants around the world are arranged with an exquisite balance, and the space full of vivid colors is beautiful.
A beautiful flower that I have never seen or a landscape that will become a picture no matter where I cut it. It was a masterpiece.
◆ Ally · Bun · Yusuf · Madrasa
Kaat Benahid, Marrakech 40000, MoroccoKaat Benahid, Marrakesh, Morocco
The biggest attraction in Marrakesh, where you left the souks. I used to publish Islamic seminary sightseeing for sightseeing.
I feel the similarity with the Spanish Alhambra Palace which I saw in the fine sculptures of the patio and the Islamic arches.
Although it is a theological school in a place where it is hard to understand the entrance a little, as soon as entering it will take me to a different world.

◆ Medina in Marrakesh (Old Town)

In the old city of Marrakesh called "Medina" the city itself is like a paradise.
Medina surrounded by walls is surrounded by many gardens and parks, and in souks (markets) spreading side-by-side, every product ranging from carpets, goldsmiths, ceramics to foodstuffs and souvenirs are lined up.

The cluttering feeling by the alleys that are stretching over here is staggered by the shops lining up narrowly.
You can taste foreign feelings unique to Morocco.
◆ Bahia Palace

At the end of the 19th century, a man named Boo Ahmed was a senior court official and built as his own mansion.
It is known as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture, comparable to the Spanish Alhambra.
The palace which was based on beautiful white matched with the fair weather blue sky and had a very nice atmosphere.
◆ Koutoubia · Mosque and Minaret
The city's largest mosque built in the rule of Muwahid's 3rd Amir, Yaakuub Mansour (1184-1199)
The mosque seen from Jamaâ El Fna Square at dusk was the most beautiful.
Since there is no direct flight from Major Asian cities to Morocco, we will transfer to major cities in Europe and the Middle East to Casablanca, the capital of Morocco. From there take the domestic flight to the general route to go to Marrakech
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