A town in Taiwan is the stage of “Spirited Away” ?


The mystery of Asia!  A town in Taiwan rumored to be the stage of "Spirited Away" is fantastic
I studied about the stage of the ghibli movie "Spirited Away" and the rumored town. It is a city where culture is mixed and a fantastic atmosphere can be enjoyed.

Spirited Away


The other side of the tunnel is a magical city

A 10 - year - old girl, Chihiro Ogino (Chihiro Ogino), one day in summer, parents and Chihiro get lost in the forest on the way to the moving town, where they find strange tunnels. What was spreading past the exit was a huge prairie hill. If you proceed further ...
The story starts from there.


◆ Stage and rumored town "Chienchi"

The red lantern is impressive
The origin of the place name comes from "9 sets = 9 festival". The village which originally had only 9 houses, because of the inconvenience of transportation, was supposed to replenish the item, since it bought 9 sets each time, it became called "Chiufen".
It is worth seeing because you can feel a fantastic atmosphere.

◆ What's the location?

Located in the northern part of Taiwan
There is a short distance from the center of Taipei
It is a mountain town located in Ruiyoshi-ku, Xinbei City, in the vicinity of Keitaka Harbor-cho in northern Taiwan.

◆ Exotic landscape is charming!

It is neither Japan nor the feeling of China
Unique cityscape with the atmosphere of the Japanese rule era appeals
I feel nostalgic tile roof
Because it is a tile roof, I think that it is Japan for a moment! There are also many Japanese signs on the site, so there are many guide books so it can be enjoyed with confidence.
Night is recommended
Recommend to go at night when visiting

Stalls across the board are slick
In this exotic landscape, this town makes me feel nostalgic

It looks like a trickle bump
There are many stalls and meals, so your stomach seems satisfied! I think that I do not become a pig even if I eat so I want to eat a lot!

◆ Is it just a rumor that became the stage?

It seems to be a hoax.

Taiwan's Jiufen is not a thousand and Chihiro's stage.
I heard that I directly contacted Studio Ghibli.
Apparently, the local Taiwanese lied or misunderstood Mr. Hayao Miyazaki as the other person
It seems that it was the reason why such a hoax spread out believing that it was Hui Hui without confirming it to Studio Ghibli everywhere.

◆ How do I get to Chiufen?

In case of train and bus
From Taipei Station, take the Taiwan railway and get off at Rui Fang station. The required time is 30 minutes to 40 minutes when using limited express, 40 minutes to 50 minutes in case of express
In case of direct bus
From the bus station where I left Tadakataka reconstruction station No.2 exit of MTR (Urban Railroad), I got on a high-speed bus operated by the bus company called Keelung.
The bus route number is "1062". Approximate travel time is about 1 and a half hours

It might be good for excursions ♪
Although there are many slopes and stairs, it was a wonderful sightseeing spot that I thought was good to go!
Since it is about 3 hours flight from Tokyo to Taipei, it is also good for traveling with weekends.



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