Such a way to do ‘a round-the-world trip’!!!


"Around the World" everyone dreams of once. Visited various countries, touched various cultures, eat lots of things, met various people.

Currently many people  are on a journey around the world like that. Someday for a day I thought, I tried to summarize that for going around the world or this.

To travel around the world.

1 <Get on the "round-the-world cruise>

The charm of "the world round cruise"
Anyway, it is the same as Titanic (more than that)
While enjoying the elegant movement with luxurious passenger ships,
Be able to visit countries around the world to touch culture and art
Price range 150K to 18K USD.

It is average to go around in about 100 days, one room for 2 people, about 15K USD for ordinary rooms, about 180K USD for royal suite rooms (highest grade) rooms
Because you spend more than half the time on the ship so you do not get bored,
Many events such as culture school will be held.

Cruise Planet Cruise Planet


Princess cruise PRINCESS CRUISES

The most famous cruise specialized company in the world which has won numerous best cruise awards many times.

Loved by the world's leading celebrities such as Princess Diana of England, Audrey Hepburn, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine, Margaret Thatcher

Peace Boat Station

Peaceboat Voyage around the earth. I encounter the world and experience a world cruise by experiencing the earth. Yokohama departure arrival 104 days 12.9K USD
Friendly type Quadruple room 1 adult

Pinnacle Cruise

Cruise on "Pasifiichi Bicycle". It is a passenger ship that provides superb momentum and service on the stage of the world and Japan. Also includes various cruise plans, guide on the ship and photo gallery.


2 <Go with an airline 'round-the-world ticket'>

b1-foto / Pixabay

Flight tickets to travel around the world = round-the-world tickets
Those that sell it as a bundle of tickets of a predetermined route.
The term of validity is one year, the world goes east and west
A convenient ticket that can go round one by one

If it is cheap one, you can buy it at around 3K USD
However, since the rules are complicated, we need to understand the minimum mechanism to master it.

Three rules for round-the-world tickets

① Cross the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean once and return to the departure place
First of all, crossing the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean once and returning to the departure point will be the definition of round-the-world tickets around the world.
Therefore, it is the minimum rule to make one round of the earth.
② Transverse intercontinental retrograde is not possible
You must go to either east or west direction. For example, Asia Europe Asia etc. In principle, retrograde movement between different continents in the lateral direction is impossible.
③ Expiration date is one year
For major world round tickets, the expiration date is set to 1 year from the departure date.
By the way, the minimum staying days is more than 10 days, so it is possible to travel around the world in 10 days.

Major airline round the world ticket

 One World oneworld "Explorer"

It is the third largest among the existing airlines
JAL is a member of UK Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways.
Round the World fare is calculated by the number of continents operated by oneworld alliance visiting or passing.

One World oneworld "Global Explorer"

Flexible, more global airlines that you can use airlines · Round the world fare calculated based on the total flight distance of all usage sections.
As Ran Airlines, a South American airline, can be used,
If you plan to travel around South America such as Easter Island
It is best to pick a round-the-world ticket for one world
· Buy at a travel agency.
· Buy directly with one of the above 10 airlines.
· Buy online online. (English only · credit card use)
Simulation of flight schedule

Star Alliance

Established on May 14, 1997, it is the first and the world's largest airline association in the world
ANA, Lufthansa Airlines, United Airlines and others
It seems that users of the cheapest STAR 1 economy class (297,100 yen) are the most popular users.
If you successfully build a route you can also reach South America within 29,000 miles, so if you do not go to Easter Island it may be cheaper than one world

SkyTeam "Go Round the World PASS"

DELTA Aviation, KLM Netherlands Airlines, Mainly in Continental Airlines
People around the world who are Japanese and travel around the world around SkyTeam's round-the-world tickets
Quite few

The type of round-trip air ticket

There are also other airline tickets around the world by a single airline company.
Three differences

Star Alliance SkyTeam is "Mile System"
One World and "One World Explorer" of "Continental System"
"Mile system" "Global Explorer" is.

The mile system means "the fee is determined in three levels according to the total number of mileages for each section"
The merit is that the mechanism is simple.

Continental system means that you select at least three of the six continents of Asia / Oceania / Europe / Africa / North America / South America,
That "the price depends on the number of continents you visit"
If you are going to visit many continents, the mileage will increase so that the continental system is better
It is better to decide from rough routes and decide on the flow of searching around the world around the world that matches it
A round-the-world air ticket takes a little time and effort to change in the middle of a trip to purchase (reserve) air tickets between all routes.
Therefore, we must also examine whether traveling using LCC (cheap air ticket) or using round the world tickets. .
A round-the-world ticket,
Business class and first class are considerably cheap price setting.
Three cases to use round the world tickets
Are there any assumptions that round-the-world tickets are cheap and affordable air tickets?

In fact, due to the recent increase in cheap airlines called Low Cost Carriers (LCC), round-trip air tickets are no longer cheap tickets if you look only at rates.

However, there are cases where it is better to use round-the-world tickets around the world.

■ 1. If you want to travel around the world in business class first class

In this case, please use round the world tickets. It is definitely profitable!

■ 2. If you want to travel around the world that spans many countries in a short period of time

The short period in the round around the world does not depend on the number of countries visited, so it can not be said unconditionally, but I think that it will be short term if it is less than 3 months.
Why is it that the world round ticket is good in a short period of time, if you want to go to many countries in a short period of time, those who decided the route earlier around the world with a round-the-world ticket will be able to circle more efficiently I think.
If you go to a lot of countries in a short period of time, you can not afford a schedule, so it is a waste of time to find cheaper tickets at your destination.

■ 3. If the period is determined to be within one year, and it is not a super-poor travel

Even people who travel around the world for one year, if they are super cheap as a super poor traveling, I think that it would be better to travel while looking for cheap airline tickets.
However, while saving, it is somewhat comfortable to somewhat comfortable, such as staying at an intermediate hotel sometimes eating without eating what you want to eat, if you want to make a round of the world with plenty of spare, use around the world tickets I also think that there is.
The cheap airline company (LCC) often has departure time and arrival time in the middle of the night, and the airport also uses a local airport far from the city, so it is not comfortable ...
As an extra edition,
When my parents are worried and do not quite agree with the round of the world ...
By using round-the-world tickets, round-the-world tickets may be effective as a persuasive material to show parents and parents of their routes and schedules to eliminate anxiety.
Anyway, there are times when you do not think about sometimes you lose it if you buy round the world tickets

■ LCC cheap airline ticket, go all by yourself
In this way.

Grazing around the world
In sunny areas, sunscreen and hat are essential
Tips for going on a "round-the-world trip" with citation tickets and cheap air tickets - also the way to go with 120,000 yen - Hatena bookmark news
When using a smartphone.
SIM lock free terminal and local prepaid SIM card
Combine, keep prices low
Tips for going on a "round-the-world trip" with citation tickets and cheap air tickets - also the way to go with 12K USD ONLY!

Applicable apps

"Skyscanner" to search cheap airline tickets

Sketcanner is useful for comparative search of LCC. It is easy to use because you can see the lowest month value on a graph. As I ride around the world, I often take advantage of LCC and it is useful.

trip advisor

After all it is useful for seeing spots and hotel reviews, "A TripAdvisor reviewer". Because we can see spot information of the world and hotel reviews, we can decide by looking at the word here.


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