Funny and surprising places that you can visit in Street View


<El Capitan>

Yosemite National Park in California has a huge monolith of El Capitan with a height of about 3,300 feet (about 1000 m). We selected Google as the subject of the first vertical street view of this rock which is also the original story of the name of "El Capitan" announced at WWDC 2015.
Google's cooperation was based on legendary climber Lynn Hill, the world's first legendary climber who passed the El Capitan's The Nose route with his limbs in 1993, Alex Honnold with the fastest free climbing record of The Nose course, Tommy Caldwell succeeded in free climbing for the world's first Dawn wall in January this year.


<Colorado River>

Under the cooperation of American Rivers, Google dropped the Colorado River with a camera for street view on a boat. And on March 14, 2014, it showed me the state of the exploration on Google Map.
Thanks to the registration of the river descent, you can see a famous sight in Google Map that you could not have met without actually going along a riverbank, such as Deer Creek Falls, North Canyon, Nanko Weep, Hermit Cher, Tapito Sandstone etc It became possible.




Google publishes Mt. Fuji Street View on July 23, 2013.
In shooting, we used one backpack type equipment "Trekker". It took about 3 days to shoot from 1st to the top of the mountain, and about 14,000 panoramic photos are used in the street view.
The published street view is of the popular Yoshida route on Yamanashi prefecture side among the mountain climbing route of Mt. Fuji and is a route around the climbing route of the mountain climbing from the 1st stop to the summit, Shimoyama road, Yoshidaguchi summit, and the crater.


<Harry Potter's World>


Google has released a street view of Diagon Alley, which appears in the movie "Harry Potter" series. In Yokocho, magical supplies store, magic wand shop store, mischievous specialty shop and GurinGots magic bank etc line up, it is possible to check 360 degrees.



Google released Street View of the warship island on June 28, 2013.
The warship island became an uninhabited island with the closed mountain in 1974, and landing was forbidden for a long time due to safety problems. However, due to the succession of illegal landings such as "ruined mania" and the movement towards the registration of the World Heritage site, from April 2009 tourists can see and visit, although the area that can be visited is limited to a part It came to be.


<Inside NASA>
In addition to the public open area that can be viewed, some photographs are also taken in private areas. A launch control room, a space shuttle launch launcher "39 A" and a view that can be seen from the vicinity of the top, provide over 6000 panoramic views.

The Space Shuttle's Endeavor / Atlantis is also said to be "able to see with the closeness that can be touched." For buildings and buildings it is also possible to move up and down floors, and you can walk around various places in the center.


<Inside of Tokyo Disneyland>
You can take a walk in the garden of Disneyland Paris on Google Street View.
What you can see is the part where there is a passage in Disneyland.

<In a leisure facility in Japan>
Part of the "partner program" introducing facilities such as leisure facilities, schools, hotels using Street View.
It is assumed to use virtual tours mainly on the premises, and it is the opportunity to consider whether the user visits the facility disclosed through the Internet or actually goes on foot.


<In the sea>

Published was designated as the world's largest coral reef zone, Australia's Great Barrier Reef's Heron Island, Lady Elliot Island, Wilson Island, America · Hawaii's Morokini Crater and Hanauma Bay, Marine Biological Reserve There is a sea around Apo Island, Philippines.
You can see the view from the beautiful ocean as well as those who are not good at swimming and not scuba divers.
Photographing was done using special equipment under the cooperation of the marine research organization "The Catlin Seaview Survey".


<In the jungle>

What was made public this time is the Rionegro protected area around the Rionegro River poured into the Amazon River, a place where ordinary people can not enter.
It seems that it made a panorama image by connecting over 50,000 still images, you can see the vast Amazon River, a dense forest with trees, surrounding communities and wild animals.
It was realized with the invitation of the local environmental protection organization "Amazon Protection Fund (FAS)".


<In a museum / museum>

It is called a Google art project, a high resolution image of art work through the Internet, a service that you can see in the museum in street view.
In Japan, collections of Adachi Museum of Art, Ohara Art Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo National Museum, Bridgestone Museum of Art can be browsed. Tokyo National Museum and Adachi Museum of Art are compatible with the street view function.



Google "Street View" camera also advanced to Antarctica. And the South Pole to 12 countries of the national flag has been decorated, and in the 100 years before the explorers of the cabin can be panoramic experience.

And the South Pole Telescope, Shackleton Corps and the interior of the hut where Scott Corps was built in order to aim the South Pole, and even colony and of Adelie penguins of Ross Island Lloyd Cape, South Pole, etc., where you just tell the history of the Antarctica expedition Add.


<In the cave>

And Japan one of the best limestone cave "Shuhohora" (Yamaguchi Prefecture Mine City), the largest of the tunnel trace "Ohkubo tunnel" in has been designated Iwamiginzan also a World Heritage site inside the (Shimane Prefecture, Ota City), along the usual route You can come and go, or stop at the middle and look around 360 degrees.


<Inside Google Data Center>


Publish inside and outside the Google data center in North Carolina State on the street view of Google Maps.
It is to have been published but a small part of the vast data center, but to enter the data center from the entrance, it is also possible to walk around the inside of the server floor that does not put only a small part in the employee.

In the server floor, it is also possible to meet such casually standing Ikedori to have been droid in Stormtrooper or gauge of Star Wars is.


<World Heritage>
Google and UNESCO partnered and Google's camera entered the World Heritage site.




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