I want to ride once in my lifetime! Romantic rail travel of the world

In the world, there are many railroads that I think "I would like to ride" in spite of myself. In Japan, it has become easy to move by Shinkansen, but it may be fun to travel for the purpose of traveling railroads around the world.

Qinghai Tibet Railway

It is a railway from Beijing through Xi'an to Lhasa in Tibet. From Golmud to Lhasa is "Qinghai Tibet Railway".



The Qinghai Tibet Railway is a railroad railway that passed the first stage by 1984, after the second stage construction from 2001, the whole railroad on July 1, 2006.

It is a railroad where many people become alpine illnesses because it will be a rail trip that crosses mountains with altitudes between 2000 meters and 5000 meters.

Qinghai Tibet Railway running mountainous area
It is "Qinghai Tibet Railway" which runs in a mountainous region of a very severe topography, but it is popular because it can see the scenery which is not normally seen.
Inside the "Qinghai Tibet Railway" car
Inside the car, various vehicles are connected from the seat sitting on the chair to the bed train, dining car.
Many of the Qinghai Tibetan railroads are tour participants
When foreigners and Taiwanese people ride to Lhasa, a Tibet entry permit is required and it is necessary to participate in a tour hosted by a travel agency.

Depending on the season, you can participate in the tour formally and in fact it is possible to get on as a private trip, but depending on the season most of the tickets are secured for groups, so this ticket It is quite difficult to obtain.

Orient Express (Asian Version)

It is an Asian version of the Orient Express in Europe. You can enjoy a luxury train trip from Bangkok to Singapore. It seems that there are many Caucasians coming from Europe to come out of Europe.

It is a picture like a scene of a movie, but it is a real picture taken in the car of Orient Express. Everyone, they are improving their atmosphere in the formal dresses.


Orient Express (Europe)

Even now I have an Orient Express from Istanbul, do not you think I want to ride someday

Orient Express
Today, although it is the Orient Express which covers Europe, the most famous course is an international sleeping car connecting Western Europe and the Balkans peninsula.

The train between Paris and Constantinople (Istanbul) is said to be enjoyable for a long distance.
Orient express bar
The bar of Orient Express is used as a "place of socialization" by travelers.

Oriental Express eatery vehicle
The state of the dining car vehicle is also very luxurious.

Siberian Railway (Russia)

Siberian Railway
It is a railroad where you can travel from "Vladivostok" north east of Russia to "Moscua".

Siberian railway sleeper vehicle
You can travel while enjoying with a sleeper train.

Darjeeling · Himalayan Railway (World Heritage)

Darjeeling · Himalayan Railway
In November 1999, it has been registered as a world heritage in the second railroad in the world after the Semmering railroad in Austria, and it is said to be "a running world heritage".
Running World Heritage! Dirge ...

Sleeping train operating in Japan

Currently, I have put together the night train (sleep train) that is operating in Japan. Since there are many popular vehicles and it is difficult to pick up tickets, hold down the tickets early and let's enjoy the night train trip absolutely.
Most of the nationwide Japan is connected by a bullet train, so many of the night trains are abolished. However, as a trip there are a few night trains as "a means to enjoy."

Especially "Twilight Express" to introduce last is a popular train that is hard to make reservations, but is a sleep train that you want to ride once in a lifetime. How about a day's gift for your parents?


Ueno ⇔ Sapporo
Ueno 16: 20 minutes departure - Sapporo 9:32 Arrive in part
Sapporo 16: 12 minutes departure - Ueno 9:25 Arrive in part


Reference price: Cassiopeia Twin Total 33,220 yen / one person one way
(Bed fee 13,350 yen, express charge 2890 yen, fare 10,6080 yen)
Sleeping Limited Express Cassiopeia
Cassiopeia is a sleeping limited express that connects Ueno and Sapporo in 16 hours, which is characterized by importance of leisure and luxury than the Hokutosei. You can also enjoy dining cars, lounge cars at the end and luxury.
Double room
Cassiopeia is mostly for two people because there are many customers going out to play. There are double, twin etc., the photograph on the left side is double, you make a bed by killing the chair.

Lounge & bar
After finishing the meal, how about having a little liquor while chatting with a lover in a lounge?
There is a feeling that is more calm than Hokutosan, so you can relax and enjoy the meal time.

Sunrise Seto · Izumo

Tokyo ⇔ Seto · Izumo
Tokyo 22:00 minutes departure - Izumo City 9:58 minutes · Takamatsu 7: 27 arrival of part
Izumo 18: 55 minutes · Takamatsu at 21:26 - departing Tokyo 7: 08

Tokyo ⇔ Seto · Izumo

Novinobi seating (bed cost is unnecessary)
10,100 yen ticket, limited express ticket 3150 yen, designated seat fee
(Specified seats fee: usually 510 yen busy season 710 yen quiet period 310 yen)

Sleeping train Sunrise Seto · Izumo
By train from Tokyo to Izumo you can enjoy a long distance train trip. I will divide the car into Seto · Izumo at Okayama.
No Novino seat
What you can get on a sleeper train with just a ticket or a limited express ticket is "Novinovi seat". You can move safely and comfortably over the night bus.

If you pay additional sleeping fee here, ordinary private rooms (single room, double room) etc are also available.

Twilight Express

Osaka ⇔ Sapporo
The price is certainly expensive, but it is cheap if you think that you went abroad. Personal reservation is very difficult to handle so it may be good to apply for a tour company tour etc.

Twilight express official
Ticket ticket 11,670 yen, express ticket 3150 yen, bed rate
Sleeping fee: twin 10, 6320 yen (one room two people / one way)
Luxury sleeping twilight express
This train that makes me want to ride once in my life is this "Twilight Express". It is said that it is the most exclusive train in Japan, and it is very popular that it is difficult to book tickets.

While watching the Sea of ​​Japan from Osaka, you can go north and enjoy Sapporo and enjoy Hokkaido sightseeing.
Twin room
In the twin room, one person falls down on the first floor part chair and sleeps on the second floor part.

There are also single room, royal room, luxurious suite room etc are also available.
Salon car
You can relax relaxingly by drinking drinks and looking out.
You can eat in a luxuriously designed car that you can not imagine being inside the train. For dinner, you can have a meal of 6000 yen and a course cooking of 12000 yen.
Twilight Express A single room Royal was taken! Osaka - Sapporo
Hokutosei (abolished in March 2015)
Ueno ⇔ Sapporo
Ueno 19: 03 minutes departure - Sapporo 11: 15 Department of arrival
Sapporo 17: 12 minutes departure - Ueno 09: 38 Arrived in part


Reference price: Solo · duet · 2 stage B beds total 25,570 yen / person one way
(Bed rate 6300 yen, express express charge · 2890 yen, freight cost 10,680 yen)

Flickr Hokutosei 01 by szai27537CC License: Display - Inherited
Sleeping Limited Express Hokutosei
Hokutosei is a vehicle that has been set as a time to leave the office worker who finished work as it is, combines practicality and enjoyment.

After finishing work in Tokyo, do not you want to go to Sapporo on a Hokutosei as it is? It is!

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Single room
There is a single room (solo), the type with the bed on the first floor and the room with the bed on the second floor intersect. Because there is a single room, even one woman is safe and comfortable.

The first floor has less shaking and the second floor has the merit of good prospects and you may tell your hope according to your preference.
Hokutosei has a pretty luxurious restaurant so that you can enjoy dinner inside the company.

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