Cano Cristalless


The world's most beautiful river "Cano Cristalless" is too beautiful

Cano Crystalless shows most of the year the same as a normal river, but only a few weeks from September to November, the gap between the dry season and the rainy season, see everywhere in the world It represents a beautiful figure that can not be done.

National national park "Sierra de la Macarena" in Columbia, South America
Located in a place almost isolated from the surroundings where you can not easily go by car, this park has a vast river of 100 kilometers in length and cano-crystalless.

It is usually an ordinary river, but ...
Most of the year shows the same aspect as the ordinary river but it represents a beautiful figure that can not be seen anywhere in the world only for a few weeks from September to November which is between the dry season and the rainy season .

Its beauty is called "the world's most beautiful river" or "five-colored river" and is admired by many people.

Its beautiful figure in the world
it's beautiful,,,.
It is not CG
I thought that it was a brief fake, but it seems that it is not so, as it seems that the alga growing in the river looks like seven colors in red and green like this.
Why will it change to such a beautiful river?

This phenomenon occurring at the boundary between the rainy season and the dry season comes from the fact that the water temperature is warmed by the lowering of the water level
It seems to happen by explosive growth of river moss and algae.
Also, due to the existence of endemic species of plants with vivid red color called Macarenia clavigera, and sand which stains yellow or green, Cano Crystalless shows vivid colors like natural paint palette.

It was an isolated "river of vision" once
Although it is a cano-cristalless located in a remote location where it can not be reached on land, there were other reasons that people could not step in before.

First, the park has been closed for several years due to the concern about the environmental impact caused by tourists' rush.
Secondly, guerrilla activities were frequently conducted in the surrounding area. For these reasons, the land has been isolated from people for a long time.
But now it is accessible

Since the opening of the park was restarted in 2009, planes for tourists use will be operated and access is much more convenient.
I want to see it once




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