Travel abroad for the best season!


I tried summarizing the countries and cities recommended for overseas travel by season



<America · Las Vegas>
Spring is the best season in Las Vegas in the desert
There are Grand Canyon etc. in the suburbs, there are many sights!

<Hue in Vietnam>
Hue Tourist Representing Vietnam
It is registered as a World Heritage Site as "Hue Building Group"
Spring with a lot of fine weather is recommended.

<Pakistan · Hunza>
Pakistan's secret border, Hunza
In the spring, apricot blossoms bloom and a magnificent view spreads

<Egypt · Cairo>
Egypt in winter, Cairo cool down unexpectedly ...
Summer is deprived of physical strength with unpalatable heat, so the spring of the coolest temperature, March and April is the best season
<Venetia Italy>
Spring Venice has a fairly easy climate and you can enjoy the city of water adequately
<The Netherlands · Keukenhof Park>
Only one spring can enjoy tulip fields!


<Greece · Santorini>
Summer is the best season for sacred place of honeymoon, Santorini island!
It is also good to go to the beach and to walk around the island is fun

<Canada · Banff>
Banff is the center of tourism in the Rocky Mountains
You can enjoy climbing and hiking in the summer

<United Kingdom · London>
The weather is unstable and variable, London
Summer is relatively stable in the best season, temperature is also lower than Japan It is also recommended for the summer heat

<Peru · Machu Picchu>
Machu Picchu at an altitude of 3600 m
It is the summer of the dry season that I recommend for sightseeing

Spain · Valencia>
There are unusual festivals in Spain / Valencia in summer
Its name is "Tomato Festival"
Recommended for those who want to enjoy the summer exquisitely


<Barcelona, ​​Spain>
Gaudi work and soccer famous city, Barcelona
The best season is a calm autumn with both temperature and climate

Tunisia, Morocco / Sahara Desert>
The best season in the Sahara is the autumn and spring with a mild climate
Warm clothes are necessary because it cools down at night
<Italy · Rome>
World famous tourist destination, Rome
The best season is autumn! Of course not to mention city sightseeing, it is also recommended to enjoy autumn leaves a little stretching out to the suburbs

<Shanghai, China>
Since Shanghai is the same latitude as Kagoshima, it is better to avoid being hot in the summer
Gentle autumn is the best season and it is recommended because it will be the season of Shanghai crab from October to November


UAE · Dubai>
Dubai has a high temperature throughout the year, and in the summer it can exceed 40 ℃ ...
It is relatively easy to spend in winter, and since it has a large bargain from January to February it is ideal for shopping

<Europe · Christmas Market>
The winter in Europe is getting cold, but it is the Christmas market that you can only enjoy this season!
Of course, it is also recommended to travel around several countries and enjoy the difference as Australia, which can also enjoy Czech and sweets with lots of cute miscellaneous goods, Austria and so on, depending on the country!
<Yemen · Socotra Island>
A mysterious island with many magical plants and living things, Socotra Island
The best season is around November to February, it is easy to spend with a temperate climate

<Bolivia · Uyuni salt lake>
Uyuni salt lake where you can enjoy fantastic scenery called "sky mirror"
This scenery can only be enjoyed from November to April in the rainy season
<Luxor · Egypt>
Cities where many ruins remain, Luxor
In the summer, the temperature is high and there is a danger of heat stroke, so the calm winter of the temperature is recommended
It is a warm climate during the day but caution is needed as it cools down in the evening

<Australia · Gold Coast>
It is Australia's pretty resort
The best season is from November to February, the local summer
You can also enjoy swimming and swimming from Japan's cold!

<Easter Island, Chile>
Easter Island famous for Moai statue
In the dry season from November to April, it will rain like the everyday in the rainy season, so winter in the dry season is recommended for sightseeing

<Canada · Yellowknife>
Yellow knife's temperature in winter is sometimes below -30 ℃, so it can not be said that it is easy to spend
However, it is the aurora that you can enjoy in this season!
Observation establishment is highly recommended in winter

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