Remarkable hot springs in the world



I want to visit! I tried summarizing hot springs in the world
There are many hot springs overseas that can enjoy hot springs and magnificent sceneries of an extraordinary scale with Japan. I would definitely like to visit there! I tried putting hot springs together

Blue Lagoon ◆ Iceland

This hot spring featuring a pale blue color is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Because hot water contains plenty of natural mineral in seawater, it seems to be very good for your skin
The area is about 5,000 m² and it is the world's largest outdoor hot spring!
You can also see the aurora from the hotel which is installed if luck is good in winter

Peninsula Hot Spring ◆ Australia

If you enjoy Japan hot springs while you are in Australia, here!
Charles Davidson, the owner, was fascinated by Japanese hot springs and adopted Japanese open-air bath taste into this hot spring
In addition to Japan, you can enjoy various styles including Russian cold water pool, Swedish style sauna, Indonesian relaxation style ♪
A magnificent view of Ausralia from the outdoor bath is a must see ☆
Papa Jakuta ◆ Ecuador
Hot Spring Area Papa Jakuta in a place over the mountains of the Andes
Here you can soak in the hot spring while watching the mountains of the Andes in nature
The hotel rooms are cottage style, with private hot springs for every room so you can relax and have fun

Baden · Baden ◆ Germany

It is famous as a hot spring resort from ancient times, and it is still an international health resort ♪
"Friedrich Bathhouse" of the Roman style bathing method in a majestic building

There are many famous hot springs such as "Caracalla · Therme" which you can enjoy with amusement sense
It is a place I recommend staying for a couple of days slowly

Therme Erding ◆ Germany

Here is Telée Eching, located in the nearby Erding near Munich, famous as the city of beer
It is one of the largest hot springs in Europe and you can enjoy authentic hot springs and saunas in a plentiful resort landscape
There is a flowing hot water pool, etc. It is a hot spring facility that can be enjoyed with children

Bakhlaya ◆ Egypt

There may be people who think surprisingly in hot springs in Egypt, but it is actually in an oasis in the desert!
There are lots of spas and hot springs in Bahreiya, 3 to 4 hours by car from Cairo
It contains a lot of iron, it is not too hot or too hot which is often found in overseas hot springs ☆ It is just good warmth

Pamukkale ◆ Turkey

It is a hot spring here that is located in Pamukkale, a famous sightseeing spot registered also as a World Heritage Site
How, On the bottom of a hot spring ruins!
It is a place where you can feel the history

Cenote Hot Spring ◆ Hungary

There are plenty of hot springs in Hungary, the famous one among them is here Cenote Hot Springs!
It is a wonderful facility like a palace with a splendid appearance, a place that you can enjoy with a pool feeling as well as a hot spring
Chess specialty made in the hot spring is a must see

Ischia Island ◆ Italy

Ischia Island, which can be visited by ferry from Naples, has a volcanic geology, and hot springs are blowing away from the islands
It is a luxury hot spring that you can enjoy near the sea ♪

Machu Picchu Village ◆ Peru

Super famous tourist destination, Machu Picchu. The sights are not only ruins!
It is this hot spring in the village at the foot, it seems to be effective for joint pain
You can enjoy a spectacular view from the hot spring
After Machu Picchu ruins, how is it to soak in tiredness by soaking in this hot spring?

Karlovy Vary ◆ Czech Republic

Karlovy / Bali, one of the best spa town in the Czech Republic
How to enjoy the hot spring here is "How to drink"!
Visiting hot springs in the Czech Republic is recognized as a medical practice, it seems that there is a custom that a doctor gets a prescription and drinks hot spring water accordingly
There are 12 major sources that gather 24 hours a day, you can buy and drink a cup for drinking water

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