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Breathtaking photos taken by a DRONE camera reveal the colorful coastline of southern Australia

THESE breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant images of the South Australian coast were taken using a high-flying drone.

They are the work of a young photographer known as Mr Bo, who also goes by the name SA from Above, and is based in Adelaide.

In 2015 he purchased his first drone and taught himself how to use it to create the bird’s-eye vistas.

He said: “I like the way the drone can provide a view which you wouldn’t normally see, something that may look boring on the ground can look amazing from the air.”

He added: “I want to show everyone the beauty of the Australian landscape, we have everything here from rugged mountains to amazing blue beaches.”

MR BO is based in South Australia, he have always been inspired by the raw beauty of nature, the spirit of adventure and an insatiable drive to explore the horizons beyond ordinary.

His quest for seeking extraordinary captures has driven me to devise and explore extraordinary means to view the object from a unique angle.

This has been the driving force behind my ambition to “take to the air” for capturing eye catching shots of the wilderness of South Australia and presenting them in a fresh perspective.

We don’t tend to associate the words mind-blowing and dreamy with drone, but this is just what Bo Le, or ’Mr Bo’ has achieved with his Instagram page that shoots Adelaide from lofty heights, primarily with the use of a drone. Bo Le explains;

“The whole reason I started my Instagram page was to show people the beauty of SA from a whole new perspective. People don’t realise that there are many exotic places to explore right in your own backyard!”

It would frankly require endless words to describe images that speak volumes on their own.

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