Beautifully but Unruly road travel in the world


You go or not go?  10 beautifully and dangerous roads in the world
Developed countries feel that it is natural to be paved as the infrastructure is in place, but there are roads in the world that overturn such ideas. I will introduce the road of such a world.

The world's best road leading to Malaya
Karakoram Highway (Pakistan)

It is connected to China and Pakistan through the Karakoram Range and it is said to be the highest altitude in the world as a paved road connecting the borders, its height reaches 4,693 m above sea level

A steamy mountain road that runs through a giant petit that opened up the 7000-meter Karakoram Mountain Ranges by name alone

This road is also known as the way that David Rama went through when challenging Masher Blum, one of the world's highest peaks

"Hunza" is an area located in northwest Pakistan, "Hunza" has a meaning of bow and arrow. It is so beautiful as to be called "Togeno Togo", it is also known as "Village of Longevity".

It is said that Hunza became a model of "Wind Valley" of Studio Ghibli's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"
2009 Journey (29) Karakoram Highway [Pakistan]
A rare place where heaven and hell coexist

Atlantic Ocean Road (Norway)

A road with a total length of 8.2 km made by connecting the eight islands of the fjord where the elevation difference between the Bud to the Christianson is intense


Kristiansund Norway Kristiansund
Among them, Yaba is a neighborhood called "Drank Bridge" among local people

When the weather is bad we can see that the waves reach the road as it is in the picture, and the road is swallowed from the name. Drunk bridge

Great weather on a fine day
It sometimes shows you a magnificent view that can be used as a commercial location for cars. In 2006, it was also selected as the "World's Best Driving Road" by the Guardian in the UK
The scenery seen by the season changes, it is a road that you want to try repeatedly unexpectedly. Especially at night, when the moon is beautiful romantic sight is spreading.

Trans Syberian Road (Russia)

Siberian cross road leading from Moscow to Yakutsk. It is frozen in winter and becomes a place of extreme cold.
Yakutsk Russia Sakha Yakutsk
It is the longest road in the world covering 11000 km, but the pavement is barely sold, and there are areas where strong winds are blowing.

As summer comes, the humidity becomes high, so the road is overflowing with mud as shown in the photograph, causing trouble in traffic. Sometimes the drivers are in danger of life at this place.

Endless fold that continues

Los Calacolores Pass (Chile)

Road through the Andreas mountain range connecting Chile and Argentina
The rapid gradient and the hairpin curve continue, there is no guardrail

Small bike riding practice?
Small bike riding is practicing? Touring?

The world's best road leading to Himalaya

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